Just one computer in your classroom?

Many classrooms have only one computer available in the room. So how does a teacher make best use of this resource? The following links bring together practical suggestions for maximising the available resource in a classroom.

The One-Computer Classroom suggests strategies to make best use of available resources – addressing “What’s the best way to use the one computer I have in my classroom?” “What strategies should I use when doing large group activities with my computer?” “What’s the most effective way to organize small group activities with only one computer?” Although many schools have computer suites, portable devices, and multiple classroom computers, this posts offers advice for the One Computer Classroom: The possibilities, across the curriculum, and strategies for dealing with issues, as well as further links and resources.

Tech Alternatives for the One Computer ClassroomKimberly Scott has described (on Richard Byrne’s Free Technology for Teachers blog) various strategies she has emplyed when having only one computer in the classroom.

How to Thrive Not Just Survive with One Computer in the Classroom is a post by Glori Chaika which explains some of the classroom management strategies which can help ensure the use of the one classroom computer is maximised for learning and teaching for all pupils.

How to manage a one-computer classroomTips compiled on the “I Love Edtech” blog of ways to manage a one computer classroom.


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