In:Tuition life-skills resources to support Health and Wellbeing In:Tution is an excellent online downloadable  resource which combines lesson ideas on using a host of free online tools, all adapted to teach various health-promoting topics. All of the detailed step-by-step lesson plan ideas for using the free online tools show immediate application to supporting health and wellbeing issues in the classroom, but will also demonstrate for staff, who may be less confident about use of ICT, how each of these free online tools can then be used across the curriculum.

Teachers simply register their school for free on the “In:Tuition” life skills programme website at

The resource can be used as a dip-in resource or for a programme of study to support teaching health and wellbing in school. The choice of lessons includes detailed step-by-step guidance on using a range of free online ICT tools in teaching and learning classroom activities based around health and wellbing themes. In addition to the use of online tools the guidance also gives non-technology alternatives.

Areas covered include:

• Identity

• Alcohol and it’s effects on the body

• Decision Making

• Social Norms and Normative Beliefs and Behaviour

• Advertising

• Assertive Communication

• Relationships

The ICT tools which are used within the classroom activities include the following, amongst others: • • • • • • • • • • 

This  interactive life skills education programme is aimed at use with young people aged 9-14 years. The programme aims to build young people’s confidence, personal and social skills and help them explore how they make decisions and what might influence them. Its theme is alcohol, but its focus is wider, addressing a range of relevant personal needs in an age sensitive way. The lessons are specifically mapped to curriculum outcomes for each country in the UK. The resource has been put together by on behalf of

In addition to the stated use specifically for health and wellbeing themes, teachers who use this will find the application of the online tools will demonstrate how easy these tools are to use, and to be able to apply to other curricular areas. And the detailed step-by-step lesson plan guidance will provide support for teachers who may be using some of these online tools for the first time in the clasroom.

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