ICT Posters for the Classroom

Many classrooms display posters to support pupils in their use of technologies, whether showing steps involved in how to complete tasks using various software or online tools, or advice about how to keep safer in an online world, or illustrations of the use of technologies in everyday life, or quotes about the changing face of technologies, or illustrations about people who have made an impact on the development of technologies through the years.

The following provide some sources for posters suitable for classroom use.

ICT Posters for the Classroom – a free to download collection of posters suitable for printing for the classroom. One set illustrates people in history (and today) who have been infulential in the development of technologies. These include Charles Babbage, Tim Berners-Lee, Sergey Brin, Vint Cerf, Seymour Cray, Sean Fanning, Tommy Flowers, Bill Gates, Grace Hopper, Steve Jobs, Narinder Singh Kapany, Jack Kilby, Joseph Licklider, Ada Lovelace, Guglielmo Marconi, Marvin Minsky, Gordon Moore, Shuji Nakamura, Alex Tew, Linus Torvalds, Alan Turing, Meg Whitman, Mark Zuckerberg and Konrad Zuse. And if some of these names are not familiar to you the posters also helpfully include the name of the individual along with a short description of their role.

Computer Quotes comprises a series of posters with quotes about various aspects of technologies in our lives today, with appropriate graphics to illustrate the comment and make them eye-catching. Many of these quotes can also be used as prompts for classroom discussions about the changing place of technology in the lives of learners.

Displays in an ICT Suite – from Simon Haughton’s excellent ICT blog – this blog contains a range of other ICT related posters on specific themes, online tools or software. These also include posters on how to use certain tools for specific curricular-related tasks.

ICT Year 7 ICT Posters – a series of links to additional sites each with posters and display material suitable for classroom use, and all related to the use of ICT in a variety of ways. These include general ICT posters, motivational posters, step-bystep guide sheets to use of specific tools, and ICT posters specific to use in different curricular areas.

Teaching Photos: ICT Photographs of classroom displays related to a host of uses of ICT in contexts in real classrooms, showing displays (made by pupils and teachers), mounted on classroom noticeboards to illustrate concepts, guides or uses of ICT tools. These include e-safety, programmable robots, databases, Internet searching, word-processing, animation, modelling and more.

Geeky Classroom Frieze – for a bit of fun the Geeky Classroom Frieze is an A-Z alphabet frieze in a style familiar to many early stage classrooms, except that the images chosen for each letter of the alphabet illustrate technology tools. As ICT tools and resources change fairly frequently this frieze may provide a useful template for a class to come up with their own ideas for tools familiar to them, and suitable for the class to use, and to associate different images for each letter.

Infographic on the evolution of the computer – useful poster for displaying some of the history of computing from when the word was coined up until the advent of tablet devices

There are many other classroom ICT classroom display resources available online, as any online search engine will reveal – which freely available resources can you suggest?

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