Create Your Own Listening Comprehension Quiz with Video

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool where your pupils could view a video you’ve found online, and then answer comprehension questions on what they’ve just seen and heard? It would be great, too,  if that tool could have a transcript of the text. And feedback  to the pupil and to the pupil’s teacher about how well the pupil had done. And where you could add notes or links.

Well, is just such a tool (shared by John Sexton on his blog).

If you have found an online video which you think is just right to support work your class is working on, then simply grab the embed code (the steps for doing this are clearly shown on the ESLVideo site) from the video and sign into ESLVideo to paste the code into the ESLVideo site. There you can then add multiple-choice questions, and add a transcript and notes if you wish.

You can then embed the combined video, questions, notes and transcript onto your own website or blog for ease of finding by your pupils. In addition if you add a teacher code (a username you create for your pupils to see) they can add that along with their name to their completed quiz and send it to you through ESLVideo. The teacher can then log in to see which questions pupils have struggled with to offer support as required.

Pupils also get feedback on completing a quiz (a score, the correct and incorrect answers), and they can rate the quiz.

This tool is easy to use for both the teacher creating a quiz, and for the pupil taking the quiz, and is a tool which has many ways which can make use of online videos in the classroom.

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