Credit Where Credit is Due

When pupils are encouraged to give credit to their sources of information wouldn’t it be good to have tools which would make this easier for them? So that if they find a useful article on the topic a teacher has asked them to research there is a convenient way to ensure proper credit is given to the source of the original reference. So whether a tool for citing sources or a tool to create a bibliography in a standard format the following may be useful.

CiteLighter is a free online tool which lets users highlight text anywhere online and automatically create a way of storing and referencing information gathered. Just sign up with an email address. Then when learners are browsing information and find what they would like to keep they simply highlight and save in the browser window. They can add notes if they wish. And they can store and organise the saved items. They can also create a bibliography – in a range of formats to suit requirements.

CiteThisForMe is a free online tool which lets you create a bibliography in three easy steps – signing up is not required to use the tool on an ad hoc basis but obviously when you do sign up for an account then you’ll be able to store, amend and add to existing bibliographies you have created. You can add the information you have about a reference to a book, journal, newspaper or website and the free online tool will generate as full a reference as it can – you can add information where available if there are gaps. The format of the resulting bibliography can be in one of a whole range to suit your need – just select the style you require and download the bibliography in the format you wish it to be.

EasyBib is a free online tool which lets you create a bibliography for free online simply by adding the formation you have, it will attempt to fill gaps and then highlight thopse parts which you can complete manually. You can also add annotations. There is a citation guide and an education blog associated with this tool which can be helpful if introducing the concept of bibliographies for the first time and looking for support material.

BibMe is a free online tool which lets you reference a host of different types from books, websites, film, newspapers and magazines in order to create a format of bibliography in a style you wish.

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