Build it in Microsoft Paint 3D

Microsoft Paint 3D on Windows devices provides a handy tool for creating, remodelling, manipulating and sharing 2D and 3D images. And if you’ve seen it on your Windows device but not yet explored it, then the links to resources below will show you how to make use of the Paint 3D tools and features, but will also provide inspiration for how you might use it to support learning and teaching across the curriculum. And if you find your own personal Windows device does not already have it installed then follow this link to get Paint 3D (available on the Windows 10 Creators Update)

So what are some of the features of Paint 3D?

  • With Microsoft Paint 3D you can create cut-outs from your pictures with Magic Select, then use them as stickers to wrap onto your 3D models.
  • You can set a scene by choosing textures like hardwood and soft grass, and selecting your choice of filter and lighting.
  • You can sketch a drawing with the 3D doodle tool and watch it instantly turn your 2D drawing into 3D.
  • You export a video from within Paint 3D to show others how you’ve made your work of art.

How do you learn how to use Paint 3D?

Here’s a quick video Overview of the Tools in Paint 3D which provides a short introduction to the different tools in Microsoft Paint 3D on a Windows device to create in 2D & 3D

For more on specific features of Microsoft Paint 3D browse through the extensive playlist of videos on the Windows channel on YouTube where you will find a range of short how-to guide videos each on specific features of Microsoft Paint 3D; whether it’s accessing the 3D library, making use of text tools, stickers and textures, 2D and 3D shapes, effects, canvas, brushes, colours and materials, magic select, manipulating objects, or saving elsewhere, or creating a video of a 3D creation in Paint 3D for sharing.

And the playlist also includes a series of videos illustrating how Paint 3D can be used in different areas of the curriculum, or for specific creative activities

Click here for a playlist of Paint 3D videos on YouTube

Click on this link for a free on-demand course for educators on the Microsoft Educator Centre about Paint 3D – this collates many of the videos from the above YouTube playlist from the Windows channel into a course with descriptions of each element, and once you have  successfully completed the course you will gain micro-credentials by way of badge and certificate (and add to your record of any other professional development you have undertaken on the Microsoft Educator Centre)

How can Paint 3D be used in the Classroom?

Paint 3D for the Classroom – this is a resource page bringing together ideas for using Microsoft Paint 3D in the classroom, with a range of videos with suggested ideas, and a link to a OneNote Notebook of ideas for using Paint 3D in different curricular areas.

Paint3DEdu on Twitter shares tips about using Microsoft Paint 3D in educational contexts as well as sharing examples of how others have used Paint 3D to inspire and encourage others.


The ideas below combine 3D creations in Microsoft PowerPoint:

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