Breaking News – literacy activities for the classroom on stories making the news Breaking News English is a site by Sean Banville aimed at teachers looking for activities for learners of English in the context of stories making the headlines in the media.  This contains Lesson Plans & Podcasts for combining studying Current Events and News while also learning English.

Keep up with the news and learn English – Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking

For each news story there are associated activities provided.  The story is presented as text as well as a downloadable mp3 file for listening to the story. The activities include a series of imaginative guided warm-up discussion activities, as well as a range of activities for pupils to undertake prior to reading the story or listening to it (which provide pupils with the chance to say what they know about the story just from the headline, in addition to looking at some of the language used).  Then there are activities to complete while listening to the story.  This is then followed with a wide range of actvities based on the text – which includes things like multiple choice questions, discussions based on themes raised, and extended writing activities which can be undertaken within a class or as follow-up activities.

There are answer keys provided for all activities.  The combination of activities for supporting teaching English language with news stories keeps the learning in a meaningful context.

The site also has a searchable database of previous stories which can be searched on themes or keywords.

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