Create collage pictures from your photographs with Microsoft Research AutoCollage

Would you like to be able to create a collage of your own photographs where the images blend into one another, but you don’t feel you have the skills to blend them together?  Then step up Microsoft Research Autocollage.  All you do is put your chosen photographs into a folder on your computer, open the Autocollage software and select the folder, then choose the desired size of completed collage picture.  Then click “create” and watch the collage create before your eyes.  Save the finished collage creation – and if you’re not happy with it just click “create” again and again until you get just the image you wish.

This software is available free to download for teachers signing up to the UK Microsoft Partners in Learning Network:

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  1. Jackie Fotheringham says:

    We use this at Whitecross Primary to display events as it can create a super collage of several pictures on one A3 page. Saves on printing and keeps printing budgets down!

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