Access Microsoft Teams in Glow on Different Devices

Here’s how to access Microsoft Teams in Glow on a tablet or smartphone​

Go to App store > search for Microsoft Teams > download/install > open app > enter your Glow email address which is your Glow username followed by (some users may have a different ending:  > enter your password  then sign in







Here’s a helpful video from Beeslack Community High School showing how to download and sign into the Microsoft Teams app (as well as Microsoft Office app) on a smartphone or tablet with your Glow email address

Accessing Glow on a Gaming Console

Click on this link for a guide to accessing Glow via a gaming console

This guide gives information about using a Kindle Fire device to access Microsoft Teams


For more help with signing into Glow go to the Glow Connect website at the link below:


  1. Fiona says:

    Hi – Amazon is no longer supported. I can’t get on using our kindle. Can you provide updated details, please?

  2. Malcolm Wilson says:

    While I can’t vouch for this working, Carl Lewis created this video a few months ago to try to provide a solution to accessing Microsoft Teams on a Kindle as a workaround to the issue you have identified – this may provide a solution but please be aware of the caution and advice he provides especially in relation to the risks he identifies.

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