2Simple Infant Video Toolkit – it’s nothing to do with video!

2Simple infant video toolkit from http://www.2simple.com/ comprises six programs for early years introducing basic skills, and supported by excellent video lessons aimed at teachers using them with the pupils (that’s where the “video” fits in the title!).

2Paint – Draw pictures with a very simple painting program
2Publish – Combine words & pictures & create letters, borders, envelopes & much more
2Count – Explore counting with pictograms
2Go – Teach & explore directions
2Graph – Make graphs, bar charts & pie charts in seconds!
2Question – Create branching databases with words & pictures

75 example video lessons are included with the software intended for the teacher to use with the pupils.

Click here for a pdf guide about 2Simple Infant Video Toolkit https://downloads.2simple.com/public/docs/userguides/Infant_Video_Toolkit.pdf

Infant Video Toolkit is part of the online subscription service Purple Mash, meaning access is available at home for subscribers.

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