SMART Notebook Express – SMART Notebook Online SMART Notebook Express is an online version of the interactive whiteboard software for SMART Boards.  That means that where your computer does not have SMART Notebook installed, but you are connected to the Internet, you can still work with your existing SMART Notebook files (where you can access it on a PC, memory stick or online storage area) or to create a new SMART Notebook file.

SMART Notebook Express allows for the use of most of the standard tools available in SMART Notebook 10 (pens, curtain, highlighter pens, text).  You can open existing files or create new SMART Notebook files and save them back to the computer.

More information about SMART Notebook Express can be found by clicking the link below:

Click on the video below for a description from Coppell Middle School East of how SMART Notebook Express can be used by pupils at home or on portable devices.

Click on the video below for SMART Classroom’s  promotional video explaining the features of SMART Notebook Express. interesting ways to use an interactive whiteboard in the classroom collated from many contributors by Tom Barrett

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