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Planned Learning

Over the next few weeks the children will be:

  • exploring letters and different ways to mark make. 
  • exploring time, changing seasons, celebrations and how they links to their world
  • learning to make choices and share their experiences
  • performing a Christmas Nativity

They will be doing this through exploring St Andrews Day, Winter and Christmas.

The staff and children have some ideas about activities that would help support the children’s learning and interests such as:

  • making Scottish flags (a big one for outside was suggested by the children)
  • making Shortbread
  • Scottish music and dancing
  • making and writing Christmas cards, calendars and invitations
  • Christmas decoration
  • songs and stories
  • what to wear when playing outside
  • looking at the weather
  • games
  • what birds are in our garden

CAN YOU THINK OF ANY OTHER ACTIVITIES FOR US TO DO?  Please leave us a comment if you do and we will add this to our floorbook.