CHAT Early Language Group

CHAT early language groups are designed to promote language, listening and turn taking skills for young children.  They consists of 6 weekly sessions each promoting language associated with a specific subject area.   Each session begins with the Hello Song which promotes social language and turn taking skills.  The next step for each session are the group rules which teach good looking which in turn supports the development of listening skills. 

Session 1 – Body Parts

Activity                                   Aim                                                            

Topic Song                             To introduce topic & vocabulary around body parts

Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

Topic game                            To devlop vocabulary around body parts

Asking children to stick plasters on specific parts of dolly or teddy’s body

Topic Naming                       To develop expressive vocabulary

Encourage children to name body part for example saying “teddy has hurt his….” and encouraging child to name what you are pointing to.

Topic Story                            To develop vocabulary around body parts

Any story about a visit to the Doctors.

Session 2 – Animals

 Activity                             Aim

Topic Song                            To introduce topic & vocabulary around animals

Old MacDonald had a Farm.

Topic game                          To devlop vocabulary around animals

A bag containing toy farm animals is passed around and the children choose and name an animal from it.

Topic Story                           To develop vocabulary around animals.

Any story about farm animals.

Session 3 – Transport

Activity                                 Aim

Topic Song                               To introduce topic & vocabulary around transport

The Wheels on the Bus.

Topic game                              To devlop vocabulary around transport

Following instructions e.g. “put the car in the garage” or put the bus on the raod

Topic Story                               To develop vocabulary around transport.

Any relevant story.

Session 4- Foods

Activity                                 Aim

Topic Song                                To introduce topic & vocabulary around foods.

Jelly on a Plate.

Topic game                                 To devlop vocabulary around foods.

A dolly and an teddy with a bowl each and a selection of real foods.  The children are given 2-3 key word instructions like ” give dolly the grapes & the apple”  

Any relevant story such as The Hungry Caterpillar.

Session 5 – Home

Topic Song                                To introduce topic & vocabulary around home.

I’m a Little Teapot

Topic game                                 To devlop vocabulary around home.

Pictures of differnet rooms with a feely bag containing small world items and the children are encouraged to match the items to the correct room.

Any relevant story such as Where’s Spot.

Session 6 – Clothes

Topic Song To introduce topic & vocabulary around action words.

“This is they way we put on our ….” (Mulberry Bush song with lots of actions).  You can use a bag of props such as hats, scarfs & gloves.

Topic game To devlop vocabulary around action words.

Following instructions (2 key words) such as put the socks in the washing machine or put the t-shirt in the basket.  You can use real items or pictures.

Any relevant story such as Hippo’s Hat

At the end of each session bubbles are used to build confidence and to reward the children for their participation.   Finally the children sing the Goodbye song which again promotes social language and turn taking skills. 

There is also a parent’s information sheet for each session with ideas of how parents can build on what the children have learned at the group sessions.

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