CHAT (Communication Help & Awareness Team)

Our CHAT speech & language therapist is currently running a CHAT group with staff and children on monday mornings.  The purpose of this group is promote listening skills and language development for all children aged 0-3 years.   The group runs for 6 weeks and focuses on a different subject area each week.  Staff will also be running groups at a later date to ensure that all children benefit from this excellent initiative.  Please click on the CHAT page on the right for more detailed information.

Children in Need

The Children in Need annual TV fundraiser will be on Friday 15th November.  On this day we hope that staff & children will make a donation to wear their spots & stripes to nursery.  We will also be running a guess the bears Birthday raffle where you will have the opportunity to pay 50p to guess when our lovely bear celebrates his Birthday with one lucky person winning the bear.  The guess the bears Birthday will be available all this week with the winner being announced on Friday. 


Guess My Birthday to Win Me

50p a go.

Singing Time

The children enjoy using the props in the song bag to choose which songs they want to sing at together time.  Please remember to help yourself to copies of the words to the songs we are singing so that you can sing along at home.  We will also post videos here so that you can hear the tunes to the songs if you don’t already know them.