Realigning Children’s Services (RCS)

In 2016/ 17 Falkirk children, young people and parents took part in a wellbeing survey as part of the Realigning Children’s Services Programme with Scottish Government.

Over 8000 children responded to surveys and the data is now available in a variety of reports.

The data will be used across the community planning  partnership and by services to inform planning and how resources should be commissioned and decommissioned. The data will contribute to school improvement plans and pupil equity fund plans to support services and communities to close the equity gap.

The Realigning Children’s Services Task and Finish Group is presenting the findings to the partnership and the next steps will be agreed. Services will be supported with their improvement ideas through the Education School and Service Improvement Team and Commission Children and Young People Collaborative. Introductions to the model for improvement, and surgeries for those developing tests of change/ improvement ideas will also be running until summer.

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 If you need any further information please contact:

RCS Lead, Matthew Davies:

Reports from RCS can be found below:

Falkirk RCS Full Report 2017

Falkirk RCS Summary of Key Themes

Falkirk RCS Primary Cluster Reports

Falkirk RCS Secondary School Reports

Falkirk RCS Primary Summary Grid

Falkirk RCS Secondary Summary Grid

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