Integrated Children’s Services Plan 2020 – 23

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Our new Integrated Children’s Services Plan is due to be submitted to Scottish Government in March 2020. We are working with YoungScot and existing groups of young people to get their input into our new plan. We want the look of the plan to be designed by young people so please feel free to send us your young people’s suggestions. This document is just to give us somewhere to start our conversations.

We want to co-design the plan with children, young people, their families and partners and co-produce action plans that address ‘what matters to you.’

We have started to pull together data and information to identify priorities and a very draft plan can be found here for you to discuss with young people, families and your services.

If you want to share the draft with your young people/ partners, Please do! You can share any participation feedback with the Commission Leadership Group via


 Download our previous ICSP (2017-20) by clicking the link below.


The Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014:

Part 3 of the Act (Part 3 guidance here) places a duty upon health boards and local authorities to produce an integrated plan every 3 years from April 2017. In Falkirk, all agencies have worked together via the Integrated Children’s Services Plan (ICSP)  for many years and the legislation formalises what we have always done. We will also incorporate our duties around children’s rights, Part 1 of the Act, into our ICSP (Part 1 guidance here)

Click to enlarge information on all of the parts of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2016.

Do the SOLD and ICSP fit with my work?

Yes. The Children’s Commission Planning Group want to ensure all staff are aware of the ICSP and how their work fits with this multi-agency plan alongside their single service plans. The priorities in the ICSP and the SOLD plan should feature in all of our work plans. The ICSP is a sub plan of the Strategic Outcomes and Local Delivery Plan (SOLD). Our plan has been signed off by the Community Planning Partnership Strategic Board. It will be continually reviewed to ensure it reflects our priorities and is Act compliant.