Falkirk Families Information Service


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Falkirk Families Information Service is an online directory and telephone helpline managed by Falkirk Council Children’s Services.  The Scottish Families website is funded by the Scottish Government.

The development of the service was a key priority of the Children’s Commission. A universal access point to family information continues to be a priority in the following:-

  • Scottish Government Early Years Framework
  • Falkirk Integrated Children’s Service Plan
  • Falkirk Parenting Strategy

We offer a wide range of information including family support, activities, groups, helplines, childcare services on a range of topics including Additional Support Needs, Family Support Information, Health & Wellbeing, Holiday/Leisure and Parenting.

We are here to offer universal access to information for families in Falkirk and assist practitioners in their work with families.

If you have information that would be useful for families in Falkirk, please let us know.

Please feel free to call on 01324 506632 or email familyinfo@falkirk.gov.uk

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Need Further Information?

Would your service like further information about Falkirk Families Information Service?

We have developed a short presentation for services to use which gives an outline of the service, how to use the website and what role you can play.

Your Views!!

If you would like to give your views on the type of information we should publish and the role of Falkirk Families Information Service, please feel free to download and complete the feedback form.