Child Protection and Children with Disabilites

Disabled children are significantly more likely to be abused than non-disabled children and their abuse often goes unrecognised and under-reported.

Several studies have revealed evidence of under-reporting in the UK and other countries (Stalker et al 2010) .

Disabled children are 3/4 times more likely to suffer violence (Jones et al 2012).

Young people with learning disabilities are more vulnerable to child sexual exploitation (CSE) (Franklin et al 2015)

Disabled children and young people are children/ young people first and foremost. Their wellbeing should be considered in relation to their individual circumstances.

The ‘ Child Protection and Disability Toolkit’ includes information on research, a set of training and resource materials designed to help practitioners understand the issues and good practice guidance.


National Guidance for Disabled Children

Child Protection and Disability Practitioner Training Module