Author: Evelyn McGregor

ASP during COVID – 19 Crisis

The protection of adults at risk of harm continues to be a critical statutory service delivered by key partners. At this time of emergency it is likely that vulnerable adults are at a higher degree of risk due to being socially isolated and confined to living arrangements which may be harmful. It is therefore critical that all frontline staff are extra vigilant and are supported to continue to focus on delivery of high quality ASP practice during this crisis.  Please follow the below links for some essential reading:



SCIE Safeguarding Adults during the Coronavirus

CSE Snapshot Story – Bad Romance


Following on from the 2016 national awareness raising campaign on CSE , the Scottish Government, in consulatation with the National CSE Working Group and Young Scot developed and filmed a short story “Bad Romance” which was shown over the Young Scot social media Snapchat channel on 28th and 29th June 2016.

“Bad Romance” was specifically aimed at Young People (11-17 years old) and carried messages from the original awareness campaign.  In keeping with the nature of Snapchat the material was filmed and uploaded live via a number of 10 second episodes with each episode disappearing from the channel after 24 hours.

All of the episodes have now been uploaded to YouTube and are available to view at the link below:

CSE Snapchat story – “Bad Romance”