ASP Procedures

There are 2 main procedures that all practitioners/managers should be fully aware of. These are the most up to date and specific guidance on what is expected in all aspects of ASP work.

Main procedures:

Forth Valley ASP Multi-Agency Guidance (2018)

National ASP Code of Practice (2014)

Falkirk Council: Adult Support and Protection Guidance and Procedures for Assessment and Care Management Staff

Supporting procedures:

There are also supporting procedures which staff must be aware of. These are:

Falkirk Hoarding Tool Kit

Falkirk Self-Neglect and Hoarding Policy and Guidance

Forth Valley Adult Care Harm Reduction Protocol 2021

Falkirk Escalating Concerns Protocol

Forth Valley Cross Boundary Protocol

Forth Valley Large Scale Investigation Protocol (V5 2018)

Guidance on recording ASP actions on SWIS – February 2018

Falkirk Council: Guidance for Reporting ASP – Homecare, Residential and Day Care (2012)

Falkirk Council: Adult and Child Protection Guidance for the Referrals of Young People Aged 16 and 17 Years

Advocacy and support are an important aspect of protecting adults at risk of harm.  There is  statutory obligation to consider advocacy in every case of adult protection, and referral to advocacy services can take place at any stage in the adult protection Journey.

The Forth Valley Advocacy services can accessed through this link

Falkirk: Early Indicators of Concern 

Early Indicators of Concern in Care Setting: Guidance for Visiting Staff to Care Homes 

Early Indicators of Concern Reporting Tool

Clackmannanshire & Stirling: Early Indicators of Concern 

Early Indicators of Concern Guidance

National Guidance: 

Scottish Government: National Framework for Missing Persons

COSLA toolkit for First Responders, to assist in making a referral of a potential victim of human trafficking to the National Referral Mechanism