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Fortnightly Payment Due

The next fortnightly payment is due on Friday 31st January 2014.  This includes payment for weeks ending 17th & 24th January 2014.  If you have any queries relating to payments/non payments please contact your school/activity agreement adviser in the first instance.

Weekly Payment Due

The next timetabled payment run is complete and due to reach accounts on Friday 10th January.  This is for week ended 20th December (and any backdated payment due for prior weeks).  EMA2’s  are not eligible for payment this week.

The first payment eligible to all successful applicants is due next week.

Application First Reminder

A first reminder that applications from young people aged 16 or over on or before 30th September ‘13 must be received here no later than than 30th September ‘13 in order to be considered for payment backdated to the start of term.  Any received after this date can be considered for payment only from the week of first receipt.  Please be aware of this deadline if you still await supporting evidence and have not yet submitted your form.  We will accept applications, even if incomplete, to be registered for a first check and returned thereafter for the outstanding information.

This submission deadline does not apply to young people who will be 16 between 1st October ‘13 & 28th Feb ‘14 and who are therefore not age-eligible to be considered for payment until January ‘14

SQA Results

We would like to wish everyone all the best for the SQA results, due today.  If you need help or advice with any aspect of your SQA exam results please contact your school or the SQA .

Final Fortnightly Payment Due

The Final Fortnighly Payment is complete and, as both previously advised and timetabled, is due to reach accounts on Friday 5th July 2013.  This includes payment for attendance in weeks ended 21st June & 28th June 2013.

Requests for adjustments for GENUINE sickness absence should be put into the school on the first day of retun.

Study Leave

A quick reminder that you can still be considered for EMA payment throughout your study leave providing you attend your exams and adhere to your school’s official study leave dates ie if this starts on a Wednesday and ends on a Thursday, you must attend on the Mon, Tues preceding and Thursday following to qualify. 

Please note that this automatic consideration will not apply to the very small number of EMA pupils who have regular non-attendance in the period prior to study leave.  Such cases will be considered by your school on an individual basis and payment may be withheld awaiting further information.

SQA Exams

EMA Team would like to wish everyone sitting exams soon all the best of luck.  In addition to our previous post, you might find of interest this BBC article on coping with pressure. click here

Reminder about MySQA

If you haven’t already done so log in to MySQA click here and sign up so that you can receive your SQA results by text or Online.

Useful Links for SQA Exams

SQA Exams are coming up.  Here are some useful links below:

Standard Grade click here

Intermediate 2 click here

Higher click here

Tuesday Payment Date Reminder

 Just a reminder that there are two  Tuesday payment runs coming up in the next few months due to Publilc Holdays & Bank Holidays.  The first one is on Tuesday 2nd April 2013 and the next one is on Tuesday 14th May 2013.  These dates are as timetabled your Pupil Handbook.  We will update the blog as usual as these payments are run.

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