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Winter Weather & Your EMA

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Every effort is made to keep schools and learning centres open but where severe weather means that some closures are unavoidable, it can affect your EMA.  We’ve already seen some snow, though thankfully not on the same scale as last year, but in preparation for winter, here’s a quick reminder of the rules:

  • Where your school or learning centre is closed and no education is provided, there will be no affect to your EMA
  • Should your school or learning centre be open to you but you or your parent/carer decide that you will not attend, your school or learning centre will make the decision on whether payment is to be made.  Any such decision will be made on an individual basis depending on your circumstances but in general, if your school or learning centre is open but you live some distance away and transport is unavailable due to the weather, your school or learning centre may still authorise payment.  However, if you don’t attend because you’re looking after younger siblings also not attending, we would not normally expect payment to be made.  If in doubt, please check with your school or learning centre. 

Although we hope that any impact to actual payments (dates, amounts etc) will be kept to an absolute minimum, some changes may be unavoidable.  This is because we can only make payment where your school or learning centre have authorised such.  If staff are unavailable, payment may be made in part only or delayed.  We can’t make extra payments to catch up but as far as possible, all adjustments are made in the next available run. 

In adverse weather, keep visiting this blog for further update to your EMA and the Falkirk Council Winter Weather Information page (click here), which will be regularly updated with school closure and other winter information.