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Fortnightly Payment Due

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

The next fortnightly payment run is complete and due to reach accounts on Tuesday 26th April.  As previously advised, receipt is slightly delayed due to the Easter Bank holidays.

This payment is for weeks ended 25th March and 1st April.  As usual, if you have a query about the amount received please contact your school in the first instance.

SQA Exams – useful weblinks

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

As you or your children approach the final weeks of revision before the SQA exam period starts, you may find the weblinks below of interest:

SQA’s “Your Exams 2011” tells you what to expect and what to do, and tells you how you will receive your results and your certificate. Click here to visit.

A recent BBC article looks at ability versus effort and how praise given for either affects a student’s mindset. Learn why it’s important to see challenges as opportunities and why it’s effort and not necessarily talent, which could see the biggest success. To read, click here.

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Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Falkirk EMA now offers the facility to subscribe to blog updates by email.  Via Google Feedburner, you can now receive any new posts by free daily email.  Don’t worry, it won’t log up your in-box; all posts made that day are included in one email.  No posts = no email!   To subscribe, see the link down the right-hand side of the page, or click here .

SQA Exams

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

EMA Team wish you all the best for the forthcoming SQA exams and hope your revision is going well.  EMA will continue to be paid throughout your study leave, providing you adhere to the official study leave dates and, of course, attend your exams.

You’re probably already be aware of these, but just in case –  the following sites might be of help with your revision:

Once again, good luck with your studies and exams 🙂

Fortnightly Payment Dates

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

A quick reminder that due to forthcoming public and bank holidays, the next couple of payments are not the usual Friday fortnightly dates.  As detailed in your payment timetable, payments are next due to reach accounts on Tuesday 26th April and Tuesday 10th May.  Confirmation of these payments runs will be posted here as usual in due course.

Need help with your EMA?

Monday, April 11th, 2011

We’re happy to help applicants or parent/carers/advisors with any aspect of EMA, including completion of the application form or general absence procedures. Unfortunately, we do not always have access to facilities where we can speak to you confidentially and for this reason, personal visits are discouraged.  However, most general queries can usually be quickly answered by phone or found within the information on the EMA page of the main Falkirk Council website.

Please note that for Data Protection reasons, EMA section, schools and learning centres may only be able to discuss certain matters with the EMA applicant and not their parent/carer/advisor. These include individual award amounts, confirmation of payment or reasons for withheld payment.

If you, or your parent/carer has any additional support needs with which we can help, please contact us.  On the Falkirk Council website, our EMA page can be read aloud to you by clicking on the “listen” button at the top.  Alternatively, BrowseAloud is a free downloadable software which reads webpages aloud for anyone who finds it difficult to read online.  It’s currently being considered for the GLOW website but it can also be downloaded to your own pc.  If this would be helpful, further info can be found on:  Falkirk Council can also provide communication services for deaf and deaf-blind people free of charge.

EMA 11/12

Friday, April 1st, 2011

The new 11/12 EMA session should open from 1st June.  It will not be possible to request an application form before this date.  Those who are currently in receipt of EMA and who are age-eligible to return will automatically be posted a new form.  Please keep your address details up to date to ensure safe-receipt.  Remember if you are moving onto further education in college, you will not be able to apply for EMA from Falkirk Council.  Please contact the college direct for further information.

The EMA page of the Falkirk Council website has been updated for the new session.  Income thresholds remain at £20,351 for families with a single dependent child and £22,403 for families with more than one dependent child (based on total taxable household income for the period 6 April 2010 – 5 April 2011). 

If you intend to apply for 11/12 EMA, it may be beneficial to obtain (or file somewhere safe!) the following supporting documents which may have been recently received or be posted to you in the near future:

  • 2011/12 Child Benefit Award letter.  This may not be sent automatically – if you don’t have one consider requesting now as it can be difficult to get through by phone in the summer months. Call 08453021444 to request.
  • Current Council Tax Notice showing Single Persons Discount if a lone parent household.
  • 2011/12 Tax Credit Award Notice showing actual and not estimated income for 2010/11 or
  • P60, month 12 or week 52 payslip if employed, P60U if in receipt of taxable benefits, P60 or annual statement if in receipt of pension.

EMA 10/11 Closed to New Applicants

Friday, April 1st, 2011

EMA for this current 10/11 session is now closed to new applicants.  Any applications which we returned for further information should be re-submitted as soon as possible to complete the assessment.  If you’re having problems obtaining any information, please contact us as soon as possible.