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Probationer CPD – Active Literacy

This week Probationers in Falkirk Council have been engaging in professional development on Active Literacy – one of the resources used in Falkirk Council to teach literacy in our primary schools.

To begin the session an introduction video from Falkirk Council’s YouTube channel was shared.

Further videos to Active Literacy can be found at the link below.

The session was then broken down into three sections – spelling and phonics, reading and writing.

The teaching of phonics using magnetic boards was explained and the importance of distinguishing between the spelling of tricky words (words which cannot be ‘sounded out’) and phonics was discussed.  Spelling strategies in upper school were also shared and evaluated.

img_6517      picture1

Kayleigh Docherty then introduced how she taught reading in her classroom using the Thinking Reader approach.  Kayleigh completed her probationary year in Falkirk Council last year and was happy to share her experiences.

img_6513 img_6514 img_6515 img_6516  img_6518

More information can be found on Thinking Reader at the following websites: