Week 12- Minibeast Mansions Callum

Mini beast mansion

On Friday the 20th of January the whole school went to the woods. About a quarter of the school cycled that includes me. I had to stop because I ripped Blair’s bag on my tyre. Mrs McKinnon and I had to cycle about twenty metres fast to catch up with the rest. Luckily they stopped for us to catch up with them. We went to make a mini beast mansion.

        When we got to the woods we got into groups of five. I was in a group with Cara, Rhianne, Ross and Stewart. After we were in our groups, we had to pick a part of the woods to make our mini beast mansion. I was in a claustrophobic space.

        We didn’t have any materials to make the mansion just things that were on the forest floor. We were making the mansion of bricks. But then it was just bricks. So we had to demolish it. Then we started to think about the rain and what was the best place to go if it was raining. After all that arguing we found a shelter then started to build our mansion with sticks and pine needles. Five minute afterwards it was time up. So we had to walk to Williams’s house to get our bikes. When we arrived back at school when we were in our classrooms for Ten seconds the bell rang to go home.  

By Callum.

Recount to Skinflats Woods Day 1

On Thursday 25th of August I went to Skinflats Woods with my school. We went there to discover about the wildlife.

The first thing we did was establish some rules. When Mrs. Lennie blew the whistle, we had to go back to base. If she blew the whistle three times that meant we had to go back to base. If she blew the whistle one time that meant inhalers were needed
We sat down and started to talk about what makes a tree. A tree is something that has a single, tall trunk. Branches don’t begin until thirty cm high. A trees girth is at least thirty cm when it has grown up.
There are different trees in our wood. There are deciduous trees and coniferous. A deciduous tree is a tree that has flat, green leaves that fall off in Autumn. A coniferous tree is a needly tree with cones. We mostly have coniferous trees in our wood. Mrs. Lennie gave us leaf ID envelopes. We got asked to go and find different kind of leaves.
In Winter the trees are bare. In Spring, trees blossom and buds come out. In Summer trees are covered in leaves. In Autumn leaves change colour and fall off. It took us twenty five minutes to get back to school because we were tired. The part I enjoyed most was when me and James found a big tree had fallen down and it was really big and the roots were very big.

Recount of Woods Day 12- James

Last Friday we went to the woods on our bikes. We went there because we were going to make minibeast mansions.

When we got there we sat down in our outdoor classroom. Mrs Lennie told us what we were to do. We had to make minibeast mansions. We split up in to our groups and went to find bit of land to start building.

It was not long until we were building. We did not have a boss. We were just a good working team. Our minibeast mansions are just about finished and we found it enjoyable. Then we headed back to school.


On Friday we went to the woods. The cyclists went on the the cycle path and the walkers took the walk path. I was walking because my bike needs its chain oiled up because they were rusty. When we were going to the woods we needed to walk in the fields because the trees had blown down on the path. When we reached the woods we went to our base. We went to the woods to make a minibeast mansion. We got into our groups and the people in my group were Maia, Katie, Adam and Stewart. At first we all tried to look for a safe place for our minibeast mansion so they wouldn’t get stood on. We eventually found a place. It was a broken tree. We picked the bottom part of the tree. At first we dug a hole and we got sticks for the roof and then we put these big chunky leaves and started making a roof with it and we started to collect more of them.  Adam, Maia and Stewart got sticks for us and I was thinking that if you put lots of sticks at the front you could make a gate and so that’s what we did. After that we needed to go back to school. It was funny because the walkers wanted to beat the cyclists to school and the cyclists wanted to beat the walkers to school but me and the walkers won because they had a longer path to go and plus they need to change into normal shoes again.

Visit To Skinflats Woods Day 12- Bruce

On Friday Bothkennar went to Skinflats Woods. Some people brought their bikes and the rest walked.

When we all arrived at the woods, we got told we were going to build minibeast mansions. Mrs Lennie showed us a few pictures on her phone that some people had done. One was all different floors and the other one was just a pile of logs on top of each other so the minibeasts could go into the little holes. Mrs Lennie told us we couldn’t use glue or anything like that. All of it was to be from nature. My group was Kyle, Lauren, Macensey and Holly. Kyle was doing a great job collecting all the equipment that we needed. No one took charge and Kyle made little beds for the minibeasts. Holly and Macensey were putting the shelter together. Kyle went away to collect a few sticks for the shelter and I was inside the minibeast house but our house was so magnificent a mouse moved in! Mrs Sneddon was trying to take a picture but we never got it.

Mrs Lennie called us back to base. The walkers had to go to get back on time and the cyclists. When we were walking back, Miss McCarthy made us run for a count of ten. When we got back at school we had five minutes left, after two minutes the cyclists made it. So the walkers got to the woods and to the school faster than the cyclists did.

Recount of Lily Dissection- Holly

Yesterday we had to take the main parts off the lily like the male and female parts. My partner was Macensey and we got a knife and a piece of lily. We had a bit each and we had a worksheet as well and drew the sizes of the leaf. We took off the stamen which is the male part and we took off the stigma then we all tried to open up the petals but some people’s petals fell off. Mrs Lennie told us to pull off the pistil and the stamens. After that we had to open it up and look at the pollen and it all went over our fingers and it stained yellow and when we went in the toilets Katie put the stain of pollen on the tub where we get the soap. Macensey touched it again and then it went back on her hands again.

Recount of Visit to Skinflats Woods Day 2- Bruce

Bothkennar Primary School went to Skinflats Woods with the little ones. We took a longer route meanwhile checking the cycle path at the same time. We were going to the chestnut tree because the class novel had a conkers competition in it. We were going to the woods to learn why trees are important. The day was Thursday the first.
When we got to Skinflats Woods, Mrs Lennie gave us a passage called “What do Plants Need?” and Mrs Lennie said “scatter” so we found a place to sit. We were learning about photosynthesis.
Photosynthesis is how trees make their own food. It needs sunlight, CO2 (carbon dioxide) and water. The leaves collect the sunlight and carbon dioxide furthermore the roots collect the water. The tree mixes all of it together and it makes energy for the tree. There is this chemical that makes the leaves green and it is called chlorophyll.
We need trees to survive and the tree’s waste is oxygen and we breathe out carbon dioxide and the trees need that for energy.

The trees in the woods had A, B or C. Mrs. Lennie asked us a question and we had to run to A,B or C after the quiz question.
The little ones went first.  We left after ten minutes and we got to a swing and it was very fun. After five minutes we caught up with the little ones. When we were about five minutes away from school three cars came down the cycle path. When we were just outside we made it in eight minutes past three and we made it in time!.

Recount of Visit to Skinflats Woods Day Two- Skye

Recount of Visit to Skinflat Woods: Day Two

One the first of September ,the whole school and the two little ones went to the woods again to learn more about the woods but this time we went to learn ,what trees give us. We took longer route than last time because in our novel it talked about conkers, so we went the longer route, so we went to the chestnut tree: When we got there, some people were playing on the swing but some people were looking for conkers but it is not time of year for that. The last time we went a narrow way last time and that was a little hard for some people.

When we got there we all took our jackets off and sat on the log and we were waiting to find out what we had to do next. Mrs.Lennie told us to get into groups and go somewhere to sit. My team was called “The Beetles”. We had to read though a sheet called “What do plants eat?”We were learning about the process of photosynthesis. The tree needs three things, sunlight from the leaves, water from the roots and carbon dioxide. The tree needs carbon dioxide but the tree breathes something else in to, the tree breathes out oxygen but we need oxygen to breathe and we breathe out carbon dioxide. “What makes the leaves green”? Chlorophyll is a green chemical. The leave does something else too; the leaves make sugar from sunlight, water and carbon dioxide .The sugar makes the tree have energy.

When the trees breathe in the carbon dioxide they make oxygen but the trees don’t like it so they out the oxygen. But when we breathe in the oxygen we breathe a little bit of carbon dioxide gets in. So when we breathe out the carbon dioxide goes in to the tree .The tree gives us oxygen and we give them carbon dioxide. When we got back to the base, Mrs. Lennie told us some questions but we didn’t have to shout the answer out, the A B C was on the trees and we had to run to them. I got all them right. The little class went away first then a little while later we started to go but the little class were really slow and we caught up with them. It took us 30 minutes to get back but at least it was faster getting back when we were going up there.

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