Literacy Focus – letters received

The children have now started receiving replies from various people who they wrote to about their project.  The first letter to come back was for Josh and was sent from SIR DAVID ATTENBOROUGH!!!! WOW!  Sir David Attenborough praised the project and the work the children had done. 

The next letter was sent to Craig and this was from SNH.  SNH were delighted to be updated on the project and sent goodies for the children (pencils, rubbers, notebooks and wildlife posters).   

Lauren received a lovely letter from The Prince of Wales.

The RSPB wrote to Nathan and congratulated him on his learning and detailed a similar tracking project they are involved in with birds called lapwings!

Falkirk High School were so impressed with the learning Sophie has taken part in, they sent a letter of praise as well as a certificate and awarded Slamannan Primary School as ‘Scientists of the Day’.

Literacy Focus

The children wrote beautiful letters detailing the first part of the ‘Where Have You Bean Goose?’ project.  Using the internet and our own knowledge, the children researched addresses of possible interested letter recipients so our learning could be shared with the wider community.  Although the letters were completed in December, we waited until January to post them to prevent them being lost at the busiest postal time of the year!

Sharing Information!

Creating fliers, posters and letter writing

In November 2013 Judy and Craig from the RSPB came back to the school to update us on the geese.  We found out that the Bean Geese breed in the West of Sweden! This is a scientific discovery!


We were chuffed to bits to find out where our migratory birds breed, so we have decided to tell the wider community by creating posters, fliers and writing letters!

Scottish Education Awards

Learning through Technology

 Slamannan Primary School was shortlisted as a finalist for the Scottish Education Awards for the Where Have You Bean Goose project in the Learning through Technology category.  Although the project did not win the category, the achievement of being shortlisted for such a prestigious education ceremony was fantastic!

Partnership Showcasing Event

Certificate presentation

In May 2013 the children of both classes held a massive Where Have You Bean Goose event, showcasing all our amazing work to the various partners involved at various points.  We have visitors from SNH, RSPB, BGAG, Falkirk Council as well as parents and carers. Everyone was amazed at the interdisciplinary learning opportunities this project provided and encouraged.