Hunting for Bean Geese…again!


Mrs Murray took us on a wild goose chase when she drove the minibus around Slamannan looking for Bean Geese.Β  With the help from the RSPB and a local farmer, we eventaully found the geese grazing just behind the school!

81 thoughts on “Hunting for Bean Geese…again!”

  1. Interesting, educational and enjoyable project. Hope everyone is learning lots of facts and enjoying doing so:)

  2. WOW Amazing pictures and comments. What a lot of love for the bean geese. Kieran and Charys Penn you both look like you had an amazing time with your classes. Keep up the great work!

  3. I had a great time at the long mountain and it was very high up and far back down.:) πŸ˜‰

  4. I have loved learning all about the Bean Geese from Rachel, what an interesting project!

    Nicola Oatway

  5. Your blog was very interesting it looks like your school had a very fun time looking at beangeese. Your drawings fo the birds were fantastic! Your trip to Vane Farm looks great (I wish we could go!). Your cannon netting looks really fun.
    Well done! Gemma

  6. Hello I’m Hana at Banton. I think your bean geese project looks like fun! We really enjoyed having our ducklings in the class – we hatched 8 – they were called – Adam, Eve, Steve, Bob, Sydney, Professor Quackers, Leonardo & Donald.

    Adam & Eve came back to visit us … they had grown lots in 2 weeks. I am sure you will notice your geese changing too!

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