Global Positioning Systems!

The RSPB demostrated to the classes how to use GPS when collecting data about birds.  We took our learning outdoors and pretended to be birds.  Using GPS, the children were able to record their movements when ducking and diving for food!

22 thoughts on “Global Positioning Systems!”

  1. Did you know that there are now trackers being put on sheep up in the high ground. It is so that their owners can try and find out what happens to them, because so many simply disappear. Maybe you could design a new computer game that tracks the flight and adventures of a Bean Goose.

  2. Hi Daye
    The computer game sounds a great idea. I might look into that for next term. Thanks for the suggestion

  3. i did not know that sheep had trackers on them, but now i know and I know it’s incase they get lost or go missing the farmer can locate them, thanks Daye.

  4. I ran back to my puffin nest after collecting all twenty fish.

    quack! quack! quack! whack! whack! whack!

  5. Bakaze is a friend of one of my friends and lives in Uganda Rachel. Do you know where that is?

  6. Although the tracker I used that day didn’t work, others did and I enjoyed looking at the data. Craig told us what the lines meant. We all enjoyed it.

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