Bean Goose hunting!

After finding out all about Bean Geese we went outside looking for the geese in their natural habitat.Β  We heard the Bean Geese but couldn’t see them.Β  Using binoculars, we were able to identify other types of birds.

33 thoughts on “Bean Goose hunting!”

  1. it was great fun with the binoculars and the telescopes it was very cold and windy

  2. Can anyone remember why they fly in V shape? Five House Points to the person with the first correct answer.

  3. outside in the weather it was terrible and they fly in a v shape because it makes them fly faster.
    it was great fun hope to do it again .

  4. Well done to Paige and Karis.
    Who can tell Henriette how to recognise a Beangoose?
    5 house points for the first person to help her.
    Mrs Murray

  5. You can recognise a Bean Goose because it has orange feet , black beak and in the winter it goes to Scandanavia jemma and lucy

  6. the bean geese also put the strongest bird in the front and when the bird gets tired the bird goes to the back and another bird goes in front

  7. Excellent answers Jemma and Lucy. Five house points each. Robert also gets five points for his clear explanation. well done. πŸ™‚

  8. I’m very impressed with your work, not least trying to identify other birds when you couldn’t spot the bean geese. How can you tell the difference between a bean goose and a pink-footed goose?

  9. This is really good, looks like the kids are having a lot of fun learning about something local and unique. How many Beangeese do you see each year? Is there more each year?

  10. You can tell the difference between a bean goose and a pink-footed goose because the pink-footed goose has pink feet, a bright pink part in the middle of it’s bill and it is slightly smaller. The bean goose has a black bill with an orange stripe across the middle, the feet are also bright orange, there is also a slight difference in the general coloured markings on their feathers.

  11. Well sm, we see hundreds of beangeese every year! There is roughly 180 beangeese come to Slamannan every year!

    Every year there is more Beangeese coming to Slamannan!!!!!!!

  12. beangeese come to Slamannan because there is lots of nice water and lots of fields with lots of grass

  13. Great to see you are still going with this wonderful project. I was wondering do you know where the birds are now? If so how do you track them?

    Thanks Keep up the good work

  14. Awww. This is amazing! All you kiddies are so lucky. Keep up the awesome work everyone. πŸ™‚

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