All birds are different

The classes played games with the RSPB, drawing different garden birds when they were being described. 

After drawing our birds we compared them to real pictures.

Have a look at our drawings…can you name the birds?

10 thoughts on “All birds are different”

  1. That is a good drawing of a greenfinch – especially if you were drawing it from a description only! Well done.
    Mrs McBlain

  2. I love greenfinches – I get loads of them in my garden together with their cousin the golden finch.
    I am very impressed by the drawing, the colours are amazing.

  3. I hope everyone is keeping their bird feeders topped up with seeds for the greenfinches, the weather is horrid just now!

    Thanks for you comment Henriette, please have look at all our project work.

    Mr Findlay

  4. WOW, Well done Kaileigh.
    That is one of the best drawings we have ever seen.

    That was a fun description game!!!!!!!

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