In 2010 Primary 3 and Primary 4, at Slamannan Primary School, Mrs Bell and Mrs McNaughton learned about a natural phenomenon which takes place every year not far from the school. Neither the pupils nor the teachers knew that this phenomenon happened!

In October every year, Beangeese fly over from Scandinavia to Slamannan’s Plateau to graze for the winter. In February they fly off again to sunnier climes.

Slamannan is one of the very few places in the whole of the British Isles where this happens.

Here is our learning journey.

10 thoughts on “Beangeese”

  1. In September 2010, Scottish Natural Heritage explained to us that this was the Year of Biodiversity. Biodiversity is the different living things which we have on the planet. They were going to work with us in the Year of Biodiversity to learn about Beangeese.

    We learned to identify what Beangeese looked like. We learned to identify what noise they made and we worked with an artist to try and find ways to draw beangeese. Our artist was called Andrew.

  2. i think it is very good that the children have become aware of the different species that live in their surrounding area.

  3. I think it is good that the children are being educated about the different species that come to our local area.

  4. Its nice to know that these wonderful creatures chose slamannan as their place to migrate to. It is great to have them as part of our community.

  5. Think its been fantastic that the school has been involed in this project,theresa has enjoyed learing about the beangeese.

  6. Brilliant nature project theresa has really been excited to learn about the beangeese,she has enjoyed the outings to learn about the habitats .Good job slamannan primary .

  7. Have enjoyed listening to my neice telling me all about the fantastic beangeese.I think its a great thing the school has got involved with especially as the beangeese are in slamannan .

  8. Its really good to see families and friends supporting the children in their learning. Well done.

  9. I just love listening to josh on this project and even showed me they were in slamannan

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