What Happened Next?

In 2011-12 Mrs Bell worked with SNH and Greengairs Primary School to make a link for Slamannan Primary and the  Beangeese Project.

In 2012-13 Primary 4/5  and Primary 5/6 with Mr Findlay and Mrs Murray would take up the project to try and track the Beangeese to find out where they go.  Greengairs would try to find schools in the area to contact.

Where Have You Been Geese?

With all our artwork, cards and mural completed, P3 and P4 decided to have an Art Exhibition.  We collected all our work and displayed it in the GP Room and invited distinguished guests, friends and family to attend.

We also had learned a lot about beangeese.  Our science learning had soared because we now knew much more about birds, biodiversity and of course beangeese.  We had learned some geographical facts because we found out where Beangeese came from, where they visited in Slamannan and where they went to after Slamannan.  We had used all this information to write Recounts, Reports, Instructions and Imaginative Stories about Beangeese and our Visits to the Plateau and Vane Farm.

We wanted to do something with our knowledge, so P3 held an assembly to tell everyone about the Beangeese that lived right on our doorstep!

Our science professor explained about where the Beangeese came from.

"David Attenborough" described the beangeese

After P3’s assembly, P4 opened the Art Exhibition, Where Have You Been Geese?  It was a roving success.


With the help of Artist Andrew, P3 and P4 made a mural out of charcoal to show Beangeese and where they had come from.  We needed lots of old shirts to keep our uniforms clean.

Old shirts came in handy!
We would stick these on the mural in collage form.

Vane Farm

We spent a whole day at Vane Farm and did lots of fun things.  We looked for the minibeasts when we went pond dipping.  We listened quietly to hear the different sounds of birds. 

Looking in the net after we dipped it into the pond.


What did we find?

Visit to see Geese at Vane Farm

Now we had learned all about Slamannan’s special Beangeese and how they came to Slamannan for the lovely food we provide up at the plateau from October to February.  Next we wanted to find out how our geese looked different to other types of geese so we visited the RSPB’s nature reserve at Vane Farm.  There were a lot of different types of geese

We needed our binoculars to look for the geese.


Make a Christmas Card

By December we were starting to become quite knowledgeable about Beangeese and what it looked like.  However we found out that not many others at home knew what the beangeese looked like.  Once again, we worked with Artist Andrew to make relief drawings of beangeese with rollers and ink.  We chose our favourites to make into Christmas Cards.  Our friends and family bought these cards just in time for Christmas.  If you would like to buy a card, let us know because we have some left.

We chose our favourite relief drawings to make into a card.

Our Artwork

We covered our paper in charcoal and then we used a rubber to make our drawing. The pupils in P3 and P4 thought that was a bit back to front however our artwork turned out to be fantastic.

We got a bit messy though!