Our Vision: ‘Be All You Can Be’

Our Core Values:  Respect, Honesty, Fairness, Resilience

Our Curriculum Rationale:
In Tong Primary School and Sgoil Àraich we develop happy and confident learners through our creative, challenging and flexible curriculum. A rich, meaningful, positive and bilingual environment will be nurtured through partnerships with parents and the wider community. Learners will be enriched by their local culture and heritage in preparation for life and work in an ever-changing society.

Our Aims:

  • Have learning that is exciting and meaningful and builds our skills so we are ready for the challenges life may bring us. 
  • Have learning that is developmentally appropriate and makes the best use of ICT to make it relevant and enjoyable.
  • Be creative and curious in learning and learn how to be independent, confident and adaptable so we have the skills for life and work.
  • Work in teams and be able to lead different parts of school life and learning.
  • Help our community and have our community help us.
  • Care and use our local environment.
  • Be cared for, with respect, no matter who you are.
  • Celebrate our cultural identity, Gaelic language and how different we all are.
  • Learn Gaelic so we can use it everyday.



The items which make up Tong School uniform are listed below:

School Skirt/Trousers
White blouse/shirt
Blue sweatshirt/cardigan/ hoodie/ V-neck jumper
School Tie

Tong School Uniform can be bought directly from the supplier https://www.leonardhudson.co.uk/parents/uniform/Tong_Primary_School_HS2_OHJ

We also have a Uniform Swap-shop. There is no cost for nearly-new second hand uniform but we request donations of old uniform that is still in good condition. If you wish, you may make a small donation to school funds.

All parents in receipt of Child Tax Credit or Income Support are eligible for a clothing grant  from  the  Education  Authority  to  ensure  that  their  children  are  able  to  make  full use of educational provision.  Parents on low incomes may also make an application for a clothing grant. The link for the clothing grant is found below:


Alternatively application forms for clothing grants are available from the:
Education, Skills and Children’s Services Department
Comhairle nan Eilean Siar
Sandwick Road
Telephone 01851 822763

Preferably enrolment forms should be completed in school to allow our School Assistant to ensure all forms are fully completed  and information is accurate.  You are required to bring your child(ren)’s birth certificate  with you when enrolling into the school. We will keep a copy in your child’s PPR.

When  you enrol your child you will be issued with the following documents:

  • Enrolment Form for Session 2019/20
  • How we use information about you
  • Photographing or Filming Pupils on School Premises
  • Uniform Ordering Information Letter
  • GME information Sheet

You can find a copy of the enrolment  form for 2019/2020 below.

School Enrolment Form

A-mach as an Sgoil Extra-curricular Activities (Clubs)

We encourage all our children to explore and experience the Gàidhlig language out with the school as much as possible. Comhairle nan Eilean Siar has an excellent network of Adult Gaelic Learner classes, Sradagan youth club, drama clubs etc. Promoting the Gaelic community of our school is vitally important and we ensure this through participation in local/national Mòds, Fèisean, Cèilidhs etc. These cultural events and extra-curricular activities give the parents and pupils opportunities to meet with other GME learners and help strengthen Gàidhlig as a family language. We recognise that the majority of children who go through GME, do not have Gaelic at home. Therefore, we encourage parents to listen to Gaelic radio and watch Gaelic TV programs.

Activities available for children in Tong School
Tong School Gaelic After School Club Tuesday and Thursday – 3:20 – 5pm
Tong and Back Sradagan (Gaelic Youth Club) Tong Hall (every second Wednesday) 6pm-7pm

Foghlam tro Mheadhainn na Gàidhlig What is Gaelic Medium Education?

Gàidhlig medium education involves the use of the Gàidhlig Language for all teaching and learning across the school curriculum. Gaelic medium education is one of the main ways of achieving or maintaining fluency in Gaelic. This is especially true of children from a non-Gaelic speaking background. The children follow the same curriculum as their peers in the English stream of the school. It must be noted that it is not a requirement that parents must speak Gaelic in order to choose Gaelic Medium Education for their child/ren. The aim is to bring our GME pupils to the stage of ‘broadly equal’ competence in Gàidhlig and English, by the end of primary 7. Gaelic medium education is open to everyone, those who speak Gaelic and those who do not. Pupils who are not Gaelic speakers to start with, indeed who come from non-Gaelic speaking homes and communities, can be brought to fluency in the language through what is referred to as immersion.

An Dòigh Teagaisg Gaelic Medium Teaching Methodology

From the Nursery/P1 until Christmas time in Primary 3, the children are in their total immersion phase of learning where all their class work and homework is completed in Gaelic. Therefore, it is in P3 that English is introduced. In P4&5 learning and teaching will mostly be in Gaelic as well as English, in P6 learning will be 60% in Gaelic and 40% in English and in P7, pupils will be learning 50% in Gaelic and 50% in English. All curricular areas are taught through the medium of Gàidhlig and we make daily use of Active Learning strategies to develop the children’s Gàidhlig language skills. Teachers utilise all available opportunities to develop pupils’ Gaelic skills – through songs, stories, rhymes, games and especially through structured play. Learning is promoted through eye contact, body language, facial gesture and head movement. An oral Gaelic language development programme is in place from the nursery to P7. This is in accordance with the CFE outcomes and helps us monitor and assess the progression of the children’s Gàidhlig language skills.

Gàidhlig san sgoil Gaelic in the school

Tong Primary is filled with Gaelic/English displays of the children’s work and achievements. Display headings are bilingual and provide you with an insight into the ways in which the pupils are learning and experiencing the principle of the Curriculum for Excellence. Class displays in GME classes up to P3 are all in Gaelic. In P4&P5 displays are mostly in Gaelic and in P6&P7 they are 50% in Gàidhlig and 50% in English. The school has a Gaelic after school club which is held on a Tuesday and a Thursday.

Luchd-Obrach – Staff

Head Teacher Mrs Carol Ann Maclean
Principal Teacher – EM 6/7 Mrs Karina Mackay
Class Teacher – EM 1/2 Mrs Joanne Cheesman
Class Teacher – EM 2/3/4 Miss Ina Ferguson
Class Teacher – GM 1/2/3 Miss Kirsty Munro
Class Teacher – EM 5/6 Ms. Josie Flett
Class Teacher – NCCT Mrs Chriselle Bain
Class Teacher- NCCT Mrs Mairi Macleod
Class Teacher – NCCT Mrs Sue Emmott
Class Teacher – NCCT Ms Maureen Murray
Support for Learning Teacher Mrs Dawn Spark
Support for Learning Assistant Ms Mairi MacIver
Support for Learning Assistant Mrs Dorothy Graham
Support for Learning Assistant Vacant
Support for Learning Assistant Ms Wilma Mackenzie
School Assistant Ms Donalda MacIver
Playground/crossing Supervisor Mr Ally Murray
Cook Ms Anna MacIver
Cook/ Cleaner Mrs Fiona Macdonald
Cleaner Ms Catherine Walker
Canteen Supervisor Miss Amanda Thompson
Nursery Play leader EM vacant
Nursery Key Worker- EM Mrs Marie Brett
Nursery Key Worker- EM Mrs Jessie Murray
Nursery Key Worker- EM Miss Ceitlyn Macleod
Nursery Play leader – GM

Nursery Key Worker- GM

Mrs Isabel Macdonald


Nursery Key Worker- GM vacant
Modern Apprentice- EM Miss Lia Macdonald

Dèan do dhìcheall – Be All You Can Be

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