P1-5 GLE Curriculum Bulletin

Curriculum Bulletin

Sgoil Uibhist a Tuath

Primary: P1-5 GLE                                                         Term: 1


Interdisciplinary Topic: Weather/Seasons Discrete Subjects

Description: The topic will have a strong emphasis on literacy



·         New vocabulary related to the topic

·         Following instructions

·         Listening to information

·         Events during Autumn season through stories



Drawing and painting

Cutting and Sticking (art and craft)

Observing and capturing detail



Mime and Role play


Science – While learning outdoors in different weathers pupils will describe and record the weather, its effects and how it makes them feel and relate their recordings to the seasons.




Mathematics/ Numeracy;

·         Counting skills

P1 – forwards and backwards to 10

P2/3 – counting in 2s 5s & 10s

counting in 3s 4s

P4/5 – Times tables


·         Place value

Identifying and comparing numbers to 10, 100, 1000, 10 000, 100,000

·         Shape

Names & properties

·         Addition & Subtraction

Number bonds to 10, 20, 100

Doubles/near doubles

Doubles of multiples of 10,100

Inverse operations



Talking and Listening

–         Sharing weekend news, giving and following oral instructions using games

Writing – Personal writing:-

·         Sentence structures

·         Punctuation

·         Phonics –  sounds, revision of blends and word building

·         Grammar – verbs, adjectives, adverbs

·         Extending and using emotive language


Reading – Reading for enjoyment

·         Storyworld class readers

·         Traditional stories

·         Personal reading books


Health & Wellbeing :

·         Safety & Hygiene – Familiarisng with new Covid -19  specfic protocols

·         Rights Resecting Schools – creation of class charter

·         Stories with Health and Wellbeing themes

·         Expressing and talking about feelings

·         Exploring thoughts and emotions

·         Encouraging independence and resilience



·         Teamwork

·         Following Instructions

·         Participation

·         Experiencing success

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