P6-7 GLE Curriculum Bulletin

Curriculum Bulletin

Sgoil Uibhist a Tuath

Primary: GLE P6-7                                                   Term: 1


Interdisciplinary Topic: Celebrating our Differences Core subject areas



By exploring different cultures and traditions, children will learn to celebrate our differences. They will develop their understand of prejudice, discrimination and racism.


Children will develop their empathy and learn about inequality by studying key figures in Black History – for example, Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks.


Children will also learn about the Civil Rights Movement and Apartheid and key figures within history, such as Nelson Mandela.


Children will study ‘Whose side are you on?’ by Alan Gibbons which will explain the slave trade further.









Mathematics & Numeracy;


–         2D & 3D shape.

–         Area



–         Place value

–         Addition and subtraction

–         Beat That




Literacy & English




Persuasive writing:

–         Persuasive and emotive language, structuring arguments for and against, persuasive language through advertising.

–         Revision of spelling and grammar rules




Understanding, Analysing and Evaluating:

–         Identify and justify techniques used by the author e.g. identifying persuasive language.

–         Comprehension activities based on our Topic.


Talking and Listening 

Tools for listening and talking:

–         Children will develop their listening comprehension through weekly lessons.

–         Turn taking

–         Show respect for the views of others

–         Making relevant contributions.


Health & Wellbeing:


Physical Education

Running – Jog Scotland Programme.

Team Games.


-Through IDL topic children will be looking at empathy, respect, developing resilience, tolerance.


Pupils will also be using the school grounds and garden area as our focus for Outdoor Learning along-side Health and Wellbeing


Religious & Moral Education:


Christianity: Key Christian figures and how they used their beliefs to help others.


Social Studies:


Through IDL topic.


Go Gaelic:

Pupils will revise vocabulary in the following topics:

·         Introductions

·         Feelings

·         numbers

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