Fàilte gu Leabhar na Gàidhlige 2017


The next 146 posts are audio clips for the Leabhar na Gàidhlige 2017 booklet, which is a basic guide for using Gaelic in the classrooms. Each post contains the Gaelic word/phrase, its English translation, an illustration and an audio file to aid pronunciation.

Take a look at the video above to see how to use the audio files with the booklet.

Click on the book cover on the left to get a copy of the pdf version of the Leabhar na Gàidhlige 2017 booklet.

Users of this blog or booklet are also encouraged to access the learngaelic.net website where they will be introduced to additional words and phrases in the Beginners Section.  The section called Twenty Words is particularly useful.

Le deagh dhurachd,