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Here we are in February and carrying on with daily school life!  In the past few months we have had some school closures due to the dreadful weather but otherwise school goes on as ever, bustling and busy.  Christmas was as usual, hectic, but we managed to put on yet another show with dancing elves and even the odd rock ‘n roll polar bear.

Various sports activities for the older ones have taken place, including Sportshall athletics and more recently Tchoukeball festival and visits from Jenna Stewart to us are always welcomed by the pupils!

A daily event is the “Daily Mile” where all the children walk, jog or run a mile every day. One the occasion of extremely bad weather, the Wii is used and instead of 15 minutes of fame, we have 15 minutes of Just Dance, which I can personally vouch make the “older” element of the school have “jelly” legs and arms by the end of it!  We continue to have healthy snacks, fruit and toast, and every lunchtime the children are exceptional in their consumption of the salad provided.

After lunch, the toothbrushing regime continues with visits from the Childsmile people who are very impressed at how diligent the children are.

All in all, I think that we must be a very healthy school.

Next up is the forthcoming Mod, this year in March, but more on that next time. 😉SDC17648 - HBK 27

About Bernera School

Stages of Education Provided For:- Nursery to Primary 7 (Ages 2 ½  to 12)

 Present Roll:- Nursery – 2 pupils and Primary – 12 pupils

Gaelic Medium Education is provided from Nursery through to P7. Currently there are only Gaelic Medium pupils in Nursery, P1 and P2.

English Medium Education is provided from Primary 1- Primary 7 and there are currently 10 pupils in that stream.