Pastoral Support Arrangements


Whilst not required to provide a Playground Supervisor in a school with fewer than 50 pupils, it is the practice to ensure that at least one member of staff is present in the playground at all times.

As there are a number of areas within the playground which children can access to play, it is not the expectation that the Playground Supervisor can observe all of the children all of the time. However, every endeavour is made to ensure that pupils do not harm themselves or others in the playground. 

The roles of the Playground Supervisor are:

¨ To interact with the children and to be present and act as a point of contact for them during break times.

¨ To monitor the behaviour of pupils in accordance with the school rules

¨ To identify any risks which may be present in the playground and to remove any hazards

¨ To appropriately handle any emergencies which may arise in the playground which may mean dealing with issues by him/herself or passing the situation on to a more appropriate member of staff to deal with. 


“Getting It Right For Every Child” is a national initiative. “Getting it right for children and young people in the Western Isles” describes the approach taken locally to giving all children and young people the best start in life. This includes the school working in partnership with other service providers using a staged assessment and intervention model. 

The Head Teacher and Support for Learning Teacher have undertaken training relating to GIRFEC and all pupil referrals to other agencies are processed following these guidelines. 

Further information relating to GIRFEC in the Western Isles can be found at:


The Head Teacher is the Child Protection Officer for the school and is trained to Level 2 in Child Protection. 

All new staff members undertake Child Protection Training with the local authority shortly after they take up their posts. 

The Head Teacher leads a refresher course of Basic Child Protection Procedures for all staff members within the school on an annual basis. 

Staff in Bernera School follow the multi agency Child Protection Procedures and Guidelines which have been produced by the Western Isles Child Protection Committee. More information relating to this can be found on the CNES website at:

More information relating to The Children’s Charter—A Framework for Standards can be found at:

 More information relating to Safe and Well—A Handbook for Staff, Schools and Education Authorities can be found at:

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