Attendance and Absence

Pupil attendance is recorded electronically every morning and afternoon by a member of school staff. If pupils are unable to attend school for any reason, parents are asked to telephone the school on the first day of   absence by 9:30am to inform the school office of the absence and to indicate the reason for absence. Should parents fail to do this one of our two School Assistants – Meg Gilmour and Ros Paterson, will phone parents/emergency contact to ascertain what the reason for absence is. 

All parents are required to provide the school with written explanations for all absences. Children will be issued with absence certificates on their return to school, which  parents are obliged to complete and return to school within three days following the child’s return to school. Where no     explanation for an absence is given the absence will be recorded as “unknown.” It is useful in the case of long term absences if the school can be informed of the reason for absence prior to the pupils return in order to support pupils appropriately in their schoolwork at the time of their return, or indeed during their absence. Parents must put all requests for leave of absence for their child to the Head Teacher in writing giving full information on the exact date, time and reason for the absence.  Where possible,  requests for  absence should be submitted at least one week in advance of the proposed date(s).

Where pupils are removed from school by parents for family holidays,  weddings etc, these absences are classed as “unauthorised,” and show up as such on official data.

The Head Teacher is required to report all attendances which fall below 90% to the Social Worker (Education) for Learning Community Areas 3/4 who will investigate the matter further.

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