Your health, safety and welfare on the visit to Berlin next year is of paramount importance to Sgoil Lionacleit. To ensure that the trip is enjoyable as well as safe, we request that you read and sign the following ‘Code of Conduct’.

The rules and expectations of Sgoil Lionacleit apply at all times i.e. a high standard of behaviour, listening and following instructions from staff and respecting equipment.

  • Be punctual at all meeting times
  • Always wear a seatbelt on the coach/plane
  • All pupils should remain with group leaders during excursions unless stated otherwise.
  • When taking part in activities separate from leaders, pupils should remain in designated
    groups or pairs.
  • Purchasing, carrying or consuming alcohol, tobacco or any illegal substances is strictly
  • Pupils must obey the rules of health and safety given to them at their accommodation
    and when on transport services.
  • ‘Lights out’ guidelines must be observed in sleeping accommodation each night.
  • Pupils must be aware of road traffic and take extreme care to cross only when it is safe
    to do.
  • Pupils must alert staff to any concerns or issues as soon as possible and look out for
    each other throughout the trip.
  • Pupils should take part in planned activities leading up to and throughout the trip.

Parental Responsibility
If there is any significant violation of the Code, the group leaders reserve the right to send
the offending pupil home at the parent/carers’ expense.