Recommended Kit List S3 Berlin

Please be advised we are travelling to Berlin on an EasyJet flight therefore all essentials should fit into hand luggage (56 x 45 x 25cm including handles and wheels as per EasyJet regulations).

Please make sure all liquids are in containers of 100mls or less and they should all be able to fit into the airport transparent bag.

Essential Items

 Medication /prescription (including spare inhaler)
Towel (travel towels/micro fibre are best)
Small handbag/backpack for during the day
Spending money (£25 for Glasgow + €50 min Berlin)
Adaptor for chargers
Sunscreen (30 + SPF)

Suggested Items

 Jacket x 1 (possibly also a waterproof)
Comfortable shoes x 1 (e.g. light trainers)
Comfortable flat sandals x 1
4-5 light tops/t-shirts
Warm jumper/hoodie x 1
Trousers/light jeans x 1-2
Underwear for 6 days
PJs x 1 pair
Shampoo/conditioners/shower gel
Sanitary products
Jewellery and tablets at their own risk
Padlock for bags

Please note:
There will be no towel provided by the Berlin hostel so pupils should bring their own. We would suggest a travel/quick drying towel which can pack down small to save space. Relatively inexpensive examples can be purchased on various sites e.g.

As we are travelling with hand luggage only small bottles of liquid can be taken. Pupils can discuss within their rooms/friends if they wish to join together and buy additional liquids e.g. shower gels when we land in Berlin, making sure to have enough for Glasgow.

Temperatures are expected to be between 24-30°C while we are there so sunscreen and light clothing would make the trip more enjoyable. There can also be convectional rainfall in the afternoons so umbrellas may come in useful or a waterproof jacket.

Bulky items can be worn while on the plane to reduce pressure on cases

You can download and print a copy of the Recommended Kit List.


Frequently asked questions

How much money do pupils need to bring?

Pupils will have two overnights in Glasgow so some British cash would be useful.  We recommend a minimum of £25 for spending in Glasgow/ferry journey for food and drinks.

Pupils will have some opportunities to buy souvenirs while in Berlin.  We suggest €50 would sufficient for additional soft drinks, snacks and souvenirs.  However, this is at the discretion of parents.


What currency will they need to bring?

Euros will be needed for Berlin.

Exchange rates are better when money is ordered in advance.  Money can be exchange in advance through your local Post Office and local bank.

If pupils wish to take additional pounds to exchange in Berlin, please take Bank of England notes as Scottish bank notes are difficult and more expensive to exchange.


Is all food included?

Breakfasts are included in all accommodation.  An evening meal in included while in Berlin.  We hope fundraising will cover the cost of lunches during the trip.  However, any food pupils would like to purchase on during ferry journeys are not included. (Breakfast on departure day and evening meal on return journey).


What luggage is allowed?

Pupils will not have check luggage and will be required to fit all items needed into their hand luggage.

Hand luggage must be within the set size for Easyjet – 56 x 45x 25 cm, including handles and wheels.  There is no weight limit.

Please make sure liquids are in containers of 100ml or less and they should all fit into the airport transparent bag.

If pupils are concerned about the volume of shampoos and shower gels, these can be purchased after security or while Berlin and shared between dorm rooms.

If baggage is too large, then pupils will be responsible for any excess baggage costs incurred. Please refer to Easyjet’s website for hand luggage policy if you require further guidance.


What clothing/items do pupils need to pack?

A kit list will be provided after Easter with suggested and essential items for pupils to bring.



What happens if a pupils get ill/injured?

While extremely rare, things like this can happen during the trip and although we do our best to avoid pupils becoming ill or injured we also have to be prepared for every eventuality. Staff members are first aid trained and a first aid kit is carried at all times.

We strongly encourage parents to apply for their child’s European Health Insurance Card. Seeking medical treatment abroad is made simpler by showing EHI Card. You can apply online for free here:

If your child takes and medication regularly we would need your written permission if they want to administer it on their own. We would also appreciate any updated information regarding allergies/intolerances.


All pupils are covered under the Rayburn Tours Education Insurance Policy. A copy of this can be provided upon request.


How will pupils keep in contact with parents?

Pupils will be allowed to keep their mobile phone with them during the trip so parents can contact their son/daughter at any time.  However, this trip is for pupils to experience some independence and we suggest discussing within families how much contact you feel comfortable with.

In our experience some pupils can become a little more homesick and/or disengaged when reminded about home frequently throughout each day.


What adaptors can be used?

British 3 pronged plugs will require a European adapter in order to be used while in Berlin.


What type of accommodation will pupils be staying in?

We will be staying in the Euro hostel in Glasgow city centre on the 17th and 21st June.   This is dorm style accommodation and breakfast is included.  All rooms have private bathrooms but pupils require their own soap and towels.

We are staying at the A&O Hostel Berlin Hauptbahnhof on 18th – 21st June.

Address: A&O Hostel Berlin Hauptbahnhof; Lehrterstraße 12, Berlin 10557. Telephone: 0049 30 32 29 20 4201


How can parents/guardians contact pupils in case of an emergency?

A staff mobile number will be provided to parents in case of any important information is needed to be shared with pupils or in the case of any emergency.


What will be the mobile phone policy?

Pupils are allowed to take mobile phones with them.  We expect pupils to use their phone responsibly and make sure any images are only taken with the consent of participants.  Pupils will be fully responsible for looking after their phone.  Any damage is not the responsibility of the school (personal insurance can be purchased).

If pupils misuse their mobile phones it may be confiscated by a member of staff for the remained of the trip.  If this occurs parents will be notified so any communication can be made via staff. Phones will then be kept in a secure location.


What will the passport policy be?

All pupils will require a current passport with at least 6 months validity after 21st June 2019. (21st December 2019).

2 photocopies will be taken of each passport.  One photocopy will kept by a member of staff in case of any emergency and one copy will be kept with each pupil at all times.  This will act as a form of identification when travelling around the city.

Once airport transfers have taken place, passports will be handed to a member of staff and kept in a safe location during the trip.

Information stall

During the parents’ evening on 6th of March we will be available to discuss the trip if you have any questions.

We will also be able to share with you the flight information, the proposed itinerary, accommodation details and any other details.

Reminder of next payment

We would like to remind parents that the next payment (£55) is due at the end of February.

Payments can be made either to Ms Boyle, Mrs Minty or to the office.

Cheques should be payable to the Sgoil Lionacleit School Fund.

If you anticipate any difficulties with submitting next payment please get in touch.


Your health, safety and welfare on the visit to Berlin next year is of paramount importance to Sgoil Lionacleit. To ensure that the trip is enjoyable as well as safe, we request that you read and sign the following ‘Code of Conduct’.

The rules and expectations of Sgoil Lionacleit apply at all times i.e. a high standard of behaviour, listening and following instructions from staff and respecting equipment.

  • Be punctual at all meeting times
  • Always wear a seatbelt on the coach/plane
  • All pupils should remain with group leaders during excursions unless stated otherwise.
  • When taking part in activities separate from leaders, pupils should remain in designated
    groups or pairs.
  • Purchasing, carrying or consuming alcohol, tobacco or any illegal substances is strictly
  • Pupils must obey the rules of health and safety given to them at their accommodation
    and when on transport services.
  • ‘Lights out’ guidelines must be observed in sleeping accommodation each night.
  • Pupils must be aware of road traffic and take extreme care to cross only when it is safe
    to do.
  • Pupils must alert staff to any concerns or issues as soon as possible and look out for
    each other throughout the trip.
  • Pupils should take part in planned activities leading up to and throughout the trip.

Parental Responsibility
If there is any significant violation of the Code, the group leaders reserve the right to send
the offending pupil home at the parent/carers’ expense.

Guten Tag!

We hope to include up-to-date information here regarding the Sgoil Lionacleit trip to Berlin, Germany.

We are delighted with the interest in the upcoming trip. So far we’ve been meeting with pupils on a weekly basis in order to develop fundraising activities. Pupils have been working hard at this and are looking forward to hosting events soon.

Please be aware that deadline for paying deposits is the 14th of September. Secure your place for the trip now!