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Sharing our learning!

Miss Mackay’s class (EP3-4) and Miss Macleod’s class (GP3-4) came together to share their recent learning.

GP3-4 enjoyed telling the boys and girls from Miss Mackay’s class about the interesting buildings they researched from New Zealand.

EP3-4 were excited to share with the boys and girls from Miss Macleod’s class about the mission they had to design a spaceship using renewable fuels.

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Tyre Working Group.

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The Tyre Working Group has reconvened to move the tyres away from GP3-4’s daffodil patch. As a group they have come up with a few ideas as to how the tyres should be used; they have started to build a house in the lower playground and have made a “Tyre Run” in the rear playground. The pupils worked hard, helping each other, and seem quite excited to have the tyres back in the playground to play with.