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Climate Change- Are We Doing Enough?

By: Jess

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Scientists are now saying we are the last generation to be capable of stopping climate change. But we need to take drastic action. No more small acts like recycling. We need to take immediate action.

It is brutally unfair that the adults of this generation got to grow up and live their lives, get jobs and start families. We also want a future. We don’t want to have to tell our children these magical tales of trees and polar bears. Why should our parents get a future when we don’t get the same opportunities? We are being left to deal with previous generations’ messes.

Scientists are saying we only have until 2030 realistically until the effects of climate change really catch up to us and the planet becomes uninhabitable. The people of our generations have started to rise up and voice how unfair this is. The likes of Greta Thunberg as a leading example of the word “girl power”. She has met with world leaders at summits to voice climate change issues.

There was a climate change protest in Glasgow which a few students did manage to attend in George Square.

People are commonly believe recycling is helping the planet but in actual fact only 5% of our recycling actually gets recycled; the rest goes to landfill to sit there for years upon years wasting away. However, purchasing biodegradable items is much better and trying to avoid packaging as much as possible will ultimately help save the earth.

Like I said earlier, we are the last generation to have a shot at changing this and not completely messing up with beautiful planet we have been given. But it is no time for small changes like buying metal straws. We need something big. And we need it now, which is why we are desperately crying out to the government and anyone in power or anyone that will listen that we need change. We need something drastic. Like banning plastic, trying to get less people to drive maybe walk instead or take the bus.

So please if you’re reading this I beg you. Try think about the plastics and the amount of waste you create and try to reduce it leave less of a carbon footprint. Encourage others to do the same. Save our planet as there is no planet B.




Behind the scenes of the met gala; this year’s theme and the stories behind some of the best looks


By: Kate and Aimee

Every year in the first week of May celebrities come together to raise money for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. The event is organised by Vogue and it takes place New York. Each year there is a different theme and attendees must dress accordingly. It is reported that tickets hold a value of anywhere between $30,000 -$50,000.

This year the theme was camp. On the red carpet celebrities were asked to define what they feel “camp” meant. “It’s about having fun” said Anna Wintour, editor in-chief of Vogue. It’s about enjoyment and fun, no judgement” said singer-songwriter, Harry Styles.

According to google definitions, “camp” means deliberately exaggerated and theatrical behaviour or style.

Getty Images

Kim Kardashian showed up to the Met Gala in a stunning wet-illusion dress which was made by French designer Thierry Mulger. Mulger broke a 20 year hiatus to create the dress. The look was inspired by a California girl stepping out of the water.

Kim’s half-sister, Kylie Jenner, made her appearance wearing a monochromatic crystal mesh Versace gown with built- in corset. The dress was described as a second skin. The gown was accessorised with feathered sleeves and a long purple wig. The dress was hand crafted in Milan, Italy.

Ex One Direction member, Harry Styles attended his first Met Gala in a Gucci sheer frilled black blouse and tailored trousers. He wore heeled boots and pearl earrings to emphasise the theme. The 25 year old singer also co-hosted the event alongside Anna Wintour and tennis player Serena Williams.

Rapper Cardi B also attended her second Met Gala in gown inspired by feminism. The dress was designed by Thom Browne. Cardi B had half a million dollars’ worth of red rubies to match her oxblood red gown. The dress took 35 people and 2,000 hours to create.

Fantastic Beast’s actor Ezra Miller walked down the pink carpet in an eye-catching Burberry suit. While the outfit would have turned some heads anyway, it was what was above the neck that really got people talking. Miller carried a blank canvas mask on a stick and from behind the mask he would reveal his face painted with five eyes and a bold red lip.

In conclusion The Met Gala remains one of the biggest fashion events of year. Each year since its debut in 1948 the outfits have only become better, crazier and overall more daring. We can’t wait to see what next year brings.





The 2019 Baftas

By: Aimee and Kate



“Baftas” are the British Academy Television Awards. It takes place at the Royal Festival Hall, London. It is hosted by Graham Norton. It awards people in the television industry for outstanding performances. This year it was on the 12th May 2019 at 8pm. The event is televised all around the United Kingdom. There are many categories such as best drama series, actors and actress.

Best drama series recognised excellent performances such as “Killing Eve”, “Bodyguard”, “Informer” and “Save Me”. The overall winner was “Killing Eve” which follows the story of a inelegant but bored MI5 security officer who is very deck-bound. Villanelle is a professional killer, who clings on o the luxuries of her job. Each woman becomes obsessed with each other as a result there beginning a cat and mouse game. The program was created by Phoebe Waller Bridge. Sandra Oh stars as Eve Polastri and Jodie Comer as Villanelle.

The best Leading Actor category recognised Benedict Cumberbatch this year for his role a Patrick Melrose in the self-titled mini drama series. Others who were nominated were Hugh Grant for “A Very English scandal”, Chance Perdomo for “Killed by my Debt” and Lucian Msamati for “Kiri”. Patrick Melrose is series based on the character Patrick Melrose who is a man with a very traumatic childhood in the 1980s. Eventually, Patrick’s childhood led him down a path of addiction and substance abuse in New York.

The best Actress Award recognises amazing performances by female leads. This year Jodie Comer took home the award for her role in the drama series “Killing Eve”. Other nominees were, Sandra Oh who was also nominated for her role in “Killing Eve”. Ruth Wilson was also nominated for her role in the 2018 British drama series “Mrs Wilson”. And lastly Keeley Hawes was nominated for her role in “Bodyguard”.

Celebrities walking the red carpet is a staple at any award show and the BAFTAS are no different. Bodyguard actress Keeley Hawkes stepped in a glamourous silver old Hollywood style Bardot gown. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, made an appearance at the BAFTAS this year in a stunning white one-shoulder dress, Paired with diamond earrings which previously belonged to the  late Princess Diana and Jimmy Choo glittering high heels priced at £495. Benedict Cumberbatch stepped out on the red carpet in a navy blazer jacket and fitted trousers he added a white handkerchief for his top pocket to finish the look.

Overall the night was filled with ups and downs for all of the actors and actresses who were nominated. But those who won fully deserved it.




Williamwood Pupils Complete Go4SET Challenge

By: Beth and Zara


Ten weeks ago, six S2 pupils were set the challenge to design or redesign a building to be more resistant to climate change. Go4SET is an annual STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) based competition for twelve to fourteen year olds in the United Kingdom.

Williamwood has been involved in this challenge many times before, but unfortunately we have never won the regional competition. The pupils set to take part in this challenge were Cameron, Rebecca, Memi, Lee, Zara and Ripley. They decided to redesign Williamwood High School for the project. The pupils had to carry out research about snow, flooding, droughts, earthquakes and pollution. They then had to create a design that would be resistant to climate change, write a report, make a 3D model and present the project to three judges. They also created an additional model on the computer using a desktop app called Inventor. . The group also considered creating a SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) carpark but ran out of time to add this to their design.

At the end of the project, the students will receive a silver CREST award for all their hard work; a major achievement which may benefit them in later life.

The pupil team was assisted by Science teachers, Tech teachers and two mentors from Scotland TranServ, an engineering company. They had the opportunity to visit Erskine Bridge for the day and found out what made the bridge strong and sturdy. They also got to design their own bridges using craft materials that would hold mini cars as part of this project. During the challenge pupils developed their teamwork skills as they met to work on their project at least once a

week after school. They had many to deadlines to meet so had to multitask and put in lots of extra work at home to complete this project.

The challenge was made by EDT to try and encourage young teenagers to become more involved in STEM. It benefits students who take part as they learn about jobs involving STEM. It also gives them unique opportunities to meet people who use STEM in their daily lives and careers. Ninety nine percent of teachers felt that the challenge was beneficial to students.

Zara, one of the pupils participating in the challenge, said “Go4SET has been a great opportunity for me to develop my skills and learn more about engineering. I have enjoyed working with new people and creating our own design.”

Rebecca, another team member, agreed by saying “I enjoyed making the model on the computer and also making the physical model.”

Memi, another member of the team, exclaimed “It was really fun and I am glad that I got to be a part of this project.”



The premier league is the best football league in the world!

By: Alexander


The premier league is an exciting, enjoyable and unpredictable league. It has 20 teams which battle for the glory of being the best team in England. It is mostly dominated by three teams being Manchester city, Liverpool and Chelsea. Man City won the league this season when they beat Brighton 4-1. Man City won this year with 98 points and last season with 100 points that was the most amount of points in the Premier League.

Many would say that other leagues like the La Liga or the Bundesliga or Seria a have more quality. But I would argue that they are always won by the same teams being Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Juventus. Where as in the Premier League it has been won twice in a row by Manchester city before that Chelsea and before that Leister.

Premier league clubs are successful in Europe as well in the Europa league the final is arsenal and Chelsea and in the champions league the final is Tottenham and Liverpool. All of these clubs are English teams. With last year Liverpool making it to the final. English teams are full of some of the best players in the world as Ronaldo, David Beckham, Virgil van Dijk, Sergio Aguero, Mo Hammed Salah, terry henry, Alan Shearer and Eden Hazard the list goes on.

The Premier League has some of the best technology in the world with the new VAR being released it is extremely expensive but VAR will be in the Premier League. It is for penalty and free kicks for if the ball goes out of bounds or if a ball goes over the line. It will help the referee make his decision as he can stop the game to go and watch over what happened in slow mo. It has been used in the champion’s league this year but will be used in the English Premier League as well as the FA Cup and Carboa Cup.

The Premier League generates the highest revenue with 5.6 billion euros in projected revenue in 2018/19. There is no league like the Premier League it is the most elite.

Manchester City Retain Title by 11mm

By: Andrew

Getty Images

Manchester City have defended their Premier League title after winning away at the Amex Stadium against Brighton 4-1 on Sunday. The back to back champions beat Liverpool in early 2019 with defender John Stones making a vital goal line clearance which would later go on to win them the league.

Recently, Man City had to have their goal cleared by goal line technology against Burnley, which was only 29.5 mm over the line. This again was another crucial game which would also secure them the 2nd title in a row.

The champions won the league by one point, with Liverpool finishing on 97 and Man City on 98. The Man City team this season is the best Premier League team of all time in some people’s opinion. Former Liverpool player and Sky Sports pundit Jamie Redknapp said, “I played against the Invincibles, we saw the United team that were fantastic. I just think this side [Manchester City] are so good, total football.”

Man City manager Pep Guardiola said, “To win the title we had to win 14 games in a row”. “This was the toughest title in all my career, by far.” He managed Barcelona for four years and Bayern Munich for three years and Man City since 2016. He has won the Champions League twice with Barcelona then gone on to win the super cup both years as well as winning the super cup with Bayern Munich.

Liverpool “tried everything” to win the Premier League title and finishing second to Manchester City was “only the first step”, said manager Jurgen Klopp. “We wanted to write our own history and we did,” said Klopp, despite not winning the league Klopp praised Manchester City. “They have 198 points in two years; that’s special. We made such big steps.”

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson said they couldn’t have done any more to win the title. “No regrets,” the midfielder said. “We have been outstanding all season and left everything out on the pitch. We have lost one game. People might talk about the draws but we tried everything to win those games. We gave everything over the whole season. City are a fantastic side and you take your hat off to them. Next season we give everything to win it.”

Manchester City still have the chance of winning the treble (winning the 3 possible trophies – The Carabao Cup, The Premier League and the FA Cup) as they can no longer win the quadruple (the champions league as well as the other 3) after being knocked out of the Champions League by finalists Tottenham Hotspur, The blues will go up against Watford in the FA cup final on Saturday 18th May.


The Mueller Report: The Numbers

By: Mac

AFP / Getty

The Mueller Report was released on the 18 April 2019. Democrats hoped it would crucify Trump, and Republicans hoped it would exonerate him, but running with the theme of modern politics, everyone was disappointed. It took 22 months for Mueller to compile the research into his 400+ page Report, looking into Russian collusion and obstruction of justice, among other things.

The Mueller Report, according to the DOJ, (Department of Justice) has cost over $25,000,000 in staff salaries and other expenses and some people are starting to wonder if it’s too much. Lindsay Graham, the senator from South Carolina, has been a vocal critic of the Mueller Report, siding with President Donald Trump in calling it a “witch hunt”. The Investigation has turned up 34 arrests including 12 Russian intelligence officers and 13 other Russian nationals. In addition to these Russian arrests, 5 of President Trump’s aides have plead guilty to a variety of charges. Some of the arrests include Paul Manafort, Michel Cohen, Michael Flynn, Rick Gates and George Papadopoulos. The Report has resulted in 2800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants and 500 witness interviews.

After all of this one would be forgiven for thinking that a huge bombshell was about to be dropped on Donald Trump’s presidency. You would be wrong.

House Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Nancie Pelosi and Kamala Harris agree that Trump should go. “It’s time to investigate Trump for Impeachment”, according to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. House Republicans like Daniel Crenshaw and Lindsay Graham see the report as a win for Trump. Dan Crenshaw stated, “Today we learned it unequivocally absolves the President from any accusations of collusion.”

Both of these statements have some justification in response to the Mueller Report. However, both of these statements are misleading. Let’s start with the Democratic side of the argument. Ocasio-Cortez’s statement is in response to the Attorney General William Barr saying, “The evidence we have obtained about the president’s actions presents difficult issues that prevent us from fully determining that no criminal conduct has occurred.” However, Dan Crenshaw’s statement is misleading because, even though the president has not been charged with a crime, the special counsel Robert Mueller said that there was not enough evidence to convict Donald Trump of a crime.

Even though we have had snippets of information from senators, we still do not know a whole lot of information from the Mueller Report and its contents – for now this is all we have.

The Silent Killer

By: Jamie


Air pollution is the main cause of asthma, lung disease and heart disease. It is estimated that 40,000 people die every year in the UK, which is 8.3% of the UK death total.

This is costing us £40 billlion each year because we are not looking after our planet properly. In Glasgow there is 16 micrograms of particles in the air, which is above the 10 micrograms safety limit. Glasgow has got even worse air pollution than London by one microgram which is a surprise because everyone in the UK is blaming London. The pollution that is in Glasgow and all over the world is all.

Caused by humans and how we are living in today. We can make it better by living more active than driving everyone ware we go and stop importing and exporting goods that we buy this will help stop pollution because it will put the fossil fuels down because you don’t need to transport things around the world and that means the factory’s will be used less which means less factory waste which plays a part in this. The air pollution in Glasgow is all caused by us and the fact we use fossil fuels and other highly chemical substances this then causes a chemical cloud full off gasses harmful to humans this can be stopped by not driving every day and using factories. If we don’t lower

Our pollution levels we might not have half of the world’s countries is one of the causes of global warming.



Plastic in the Oceans

By: Bella and Maia


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Plastic is a big problem in the oceans worldwide. Places like Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco still sell plastic bags for only 5p. That is still one of the biggest causes of plastic in the oceans. If they didn’t sell them and only sold reusable ones that were more expensive and more eco-friendly, then people would remember to bring their reusable bags to the shop. In addition plastic bottles harm the environment as they are often just thrown on the floor and out of car windows.

A few months ago, there was a whale that washed up on a beach in Kapota Island, Indonesia and had 6 tons of plastic inside its body. This was heart-breaking for the public of Indonesia.  This is a problem which also effects Scotland at the Firth of Forth a study of a total of 48 square meters of the beach at 16 sites counted more than 20,000 pieces of plastic. Most of them were “nurdles”, which are small transparent pieces of plastic. Some of the plastic that was also found is litter like plastic wrappers and bottles from the careless people of Scotland that don’t recycle properly.

This the problem with plastic is that most of it isn’t biodegradable. It doesn’t rot like paper to food, so it hangs around for hundreds of years. It’s thought more than five trillion pieces of plastic are in the world’s oceans. Each year 400million tonnes of plastic is produced and 40% of that is single-use-plastic. If people do more for the environment we could save the oceans. It’s not hard to help the environment: you can do small things like buy metal straws or just as little as spending two minutes to put things in the correct recycling bins. This is a massive problem that the earth is facing and if we don’t do anything about it now we are going to change the lives of people in the future.

To conclude, we need more biodegradable products and it needs to be more recognised. Many big named brands such as McDonald’s are doing good things and are finding ways to combat this problem. There doing this by using things like paper straws. We need bigger brand shops to use these methods. This will make a huge impact and it shows that if you do something little it can make a huge difference cant it?





Parental Censorship of Music

By: Jess



Getty Images

Parents are raising questions as to whether they should censor the music their children listen to. People are now starting to consider if it will affect the child’s behavior if they grow up listening to rude and or violent music.

But in today’s music scene, it’s hard to find completely “clean” musical artists that never bring up sexual themes or swearing. Most artists in today’s scene are not particularly child friendly. For example, when you look at the likes of Cardi B and Niki Minaj, who even in live performances are mildly sexual. So it begs the question do we let our children listen to this or not?

This question has been floating around for years. But now with the popularity of games like Fortnite people are again asking if we should let children play violent games. The question of music usually isn’t that far behind. Parents reckon these games and music might show the child an image that simply isn’t how people act.

Some of the most popular artists with children include the likes of Little Mix and Arianna Grande. When you look at even just their physical image, they are scantily clad and intend to be provocative. Then you see all of the young faces at their concerts and wonder, should we be letting children see this? Their music is normally fairly suggestive, utilising themes of sex, drugs, love and being irresponsible.

When asked about these issues one parents said, “As long as you aren’t letting your child listen to like women hating misogynistic rap, as long as you let the child know that they should not repeat this behavior to other people, then it’s fine”.

Personally, I disagree with music censorship. Look at the music I grew up on and I turned out fine. So I don’t think it affects the way a child acts as I feel it is a matter simply down to what’s within reason. It depends on the way you want to parent your child. No one can tell you how to parent YOUR child as it is your child and no one else’s.

I do however think we need to fix the representation of women in music as they are hyper sexualised by the media. They are portrayed vastly differently to males; scantily clad and used as objects of provocative nature. I feel it is unfair that men are not viewed this way so why should women be treated differently? Referring back to my examples of Arianna Grande and Little Mix, compare them to the likes of Sam Smith or Panic at the Disco. The males in this example are viewed much less sexually than the women.

To summarise, personally I feel you should censor children’s music to a certain point, for example if it’s racist/sexist and or extremist music. However, I feel children need to be exposed to what the real world is actually like because it isn’t all brightly coloured kiddie songs on YouTube.



The Modern Art Hairdressers

By: Beth and Zara

An example of modern art – image EPA


Daniel Kelly has created a hairdressing salon in Peckham, South London, where instead of looking in the mirror you can contemplate modern art by upcoming artists. The salon is receiving funds from Arts Council England.

The main focus of the salon is to introduce people to modern art while also supporting new artists who are looking to feature their art pieces. There has been over fifty exhibits, including work from over thirty artists for people to ponder over the modern art. These have included: hanging books, birch tree paintings and shoe imprints in bio-foam.

All the hairdressers are art graduates. The salon gives them a way to make a steady income while also being around what they enjoy. They can talk to the clients about the art work and get their opinions, which is makes it more of a unique experience and helps conversations flow more easily. The staff hold regular meetings to discuss the themes of the exhibits. Daniel Kelly, the owner and creator of the salon said “We’re training up young artists to be hairdressers so they can support their art practice with a profession.”

Many of the artists have created podcasts to discuss modern art and upcoming pieces that they are creating. The most recent podcast is by Richard Woods, the artist that created the birch tree paintings found in the salon.

The salon charge by how much time is spent in the salon rather than the treatment you are receiving. They charge fifty to seventy pounds an hour, which is considerably more than most hairdressers.

As you can guess the salon has received much media attention from newspapers and magazines such as: Design Week, Phaidon, Stylist Magazine and Vogue. They also create merchandise in partnership with Holdrons Arcade with products such as t-shirts and tote bags.

They have recently opened their permanent shop in London.








Last Year’s Content – 2018




Charity Week at Williamwood High School

By: Caoimhe and Lauren


This week at Williamwood High School it’s Charity week, a week where at lunch time and the occasional break time events take place in the school to raise money for different charities.

The activities that Charity Week may include are bake sales, soak the teacher, coin toss and rent a minion.

The sweet/bake sales are held by S6 pupils from the school’s charity groups. The sweets sold this time were pick and mix bags and candy floss.

The coin toss is a raised bucket that you throw coins in, to win sweets. If you don’t get the coin in the money still goes to charity but you don’t win any sweets.

The rent a minion involves teachers and S6 pupils auctioning themselves to be a minion for a day to do whatever the person that chooses them tells them e.g. people often use their minions to buy them takeaway food or to do their homework.

The school does Charities Week every year and it is a fun way to raise money for charities. We hope that we can raise lots of money for the charities we are supporting this year.

Should plastic be banned?

Getty Images

By: Tom

It seems nearly impossible to escape plastic in our everyday lives, doesn’t it?

And we can’t escape plastic pollution, either.

The use of plastic bags has been heavily debated over the past 10 – 15 years. Recently the debate has also encompassed plastic being used in straws and bottles. A small town in Devon, Modbury, has stopped using plastic bags to reduce its waste and impact on the environment.

Morrisons have recently joined the fight and are removing 5p plastic carrier bags in March 2018, closely followed by Iceland who are banning their plastic bags and all plastic packaging in own brand products by 2023. Asda are close as well by planning on removing plastic bags by the end of 2018.

Sainsbury’s removed single use carrier bags when the 5p levy was introduced back in 2015. In 2017 Tesco and Lidl also banned single use plastic bags.

According to The Guardian, the number of single-use bags handed out in England dropped to 500m in first six months since the 5p charge was introduced, compared with 7bn the previous year. This is a drop of 85%.

Scotland in 2019 are planning to ban plastic straws to cut down waste and reduce the impact on environment. The alternative will be paper straws or metal straws. Michael Gove, The Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs of the United Kingdom, confidently says that he wants to ban plastic straws and denies that the EU is one step ahead of the plastic straw ban.



By: Johnny


The question has been asked for a long time about whether or not we should send humans to space. There are a lot of reasons why we should send people to see what we can discover for the future of our lives but this does have consequences. This is very expensive and can be also dangerous at times.


Once three Russian astronauts died suddenly in space on board the Soyuz 11 when a cabin vent accidentally opened during service module separation. This mission ended in disaster as all three of them died.

It has also been discussed that some people think that robots should be sent to space instead of humans as it is safer but a lot disagree with this as it is a kid’s dream to be an astronaut as it is a great job and you can discover so much.

As of 2013, November 6th there was a total of 536 people from 38 different countries still counting but there are obviously some people who think it should be banned completely.



Stephen Hawking Dies

By: Andrew & Charlie


British theoretical cosmologist- Stephen Hawking has died at his home in Cambridge (age 76).

When Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in  his 20s. Stephen was predicted to only have a few years to live. The disease confined him to a wheelchair for most of his adult life but Stephen went on to outlive this estimate by 50 years.

Stephen hawking was born on the 8th of January 1942. Stephen went to St. Albans School and then on to University College, Oxford where he started his work on black holes. He became a major figure in this field. Hawking’s work caused much controversy in the scientific world as his theories contradict the basic rules of physics. Although he was told he was wrong but he stuck to his word and argued his point.

Hawking’s first major breakthrough came with his work with Roger Penrose. They used the mathematics of black holes to show that an infinite region of space time lays in our past.

Stephen’s family confirmed his death and stated “he died peacefully”. Stephen will always be remembered as a scientist and popular figure.





Are Schools in Scotland Eco-friendly?

By: Matthew


In this day and age children in schools are constantly reminded that we have to recycle and treat this world with more care. But how eco-friendly are schools and how can we tell? Scottish schools are trying new ways to become eco-friendly. Using less paper and using more recyclable products that will help on the long run. Most schools have some sort of litter picking system to tackle all the rubbish to help tackle global warming and other issues involving world.


Scottish schools have a plan working with the association called keep Scotland beautiful they’ve come up with an action plan where schools create an eco-committee to tackle these problems and work towards an award called the Green Flag award that shows that your school is eco-friendly. For example a public high school in Renfrewshire called Williamwood has achieved Green Flag level 1. In order to get level 1 you must have regular An Eco-Committee should meet formally at least once every half term and informally a little more often.

School Shooting Drills

By Jack and Eliyah

Should school shooting drills be made less realistic? In the first seven weeks of 2018 there were eight school shootings in America. Due to these tragic incidents, regular school shooting drills are now taking place all over the United States of America.

But should they be made less realistic?  In a recent incident parents were rushing to their children’s school in a panic worried for the life of their children. One man even reached speeds of 130mph to get to Jewett Academy because he feared there was a shooting in progress but when he arrived he found out that it was just a drill.

Drills are being used more often as school shootings are increasing. These drills prepare police officers and medics for the worst situations.

Sixty seven percent of school districts in America require active shooter exercises. Between January 2009 and July 2015, there were at least 134 mass shootings. The most recent school shooting was in Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida. That caused the death of 17 students.

For schools, drills can be very important because of how many shootings happen. The drills are taken seriously as they use real guns and they inform teachers how to tackle and use self defence against armed shooters.

The question being asked today is should the shooting drills be made less realistic? The answer is they should be realistic enough to give people an idea of what’s going to happen, but not so realistic to cause parents distress.



Should high schools start later?

By: Laura

Most schools start between 8:30 and 9:00 but is this too early. Studies show that people do better when they have had enough sleep and there brain is fully awake.

Teenagers are advised to get 10 hours of sleep each night for 70 hours a week but many are not getting this much sleep.

High school students getting a lot of homework each night, but teenagers are told also to be active. How can they do homework and do an activity and still get a decent amount of sleep?

One in three people suffer from poor sleep. Homework and taking work home are blamed but is this really true or is it just people are not going to sleep early because of phones, social media and television.

UCL academy in London has changed its start time to 10:00am giving students a proper time to wake up and not be tired.

If we change school times, it might change rush hour and this could end up in there being 4 or more rush hours. Would it just be high school times to change and could this make primary children jealous and make them want school to start later for them too.

Could it mean that parents or guardians will need to stay at home until their children go to school?

People’s brains at full power four hours after you wake up meaning getting up at six and seven and go to school by ten or eleven.

So could this just be that we are using our phones to much instead of sleeping.



UK, US and Russia Diplomat Crisis

By: Harry

Both president Trump and PM Theresa May have expelled the diplomats sent from Russia due to the recent poisoning of a former spy in the UK.

Russia denies that the poisoning was its responsibility and has retaliated by expelling the UK’s diplomats.

The spokeswoman for President Trump has accused Russia of undermining the safety and security of countries worldwide.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnston said that the attack was Russia’s “way of saying to people this is what happens to people who stand up to our regime.”

The UK took its action after Russia refused to explain how a Russian-made nerve agent (poison) was used on a former spy and his daughter in the UK.

Russia denies it was involved. Its foreign ministry called the allegations by PM Theresa May “insane”.

Russia described the UK’s position as irresponsible and not backed up by evidence.

Former spy Sergei Skripal, 66, and his daughter, Yulia Skripal, 33, remain critically ill in hospital after being found slumped on a bench in Salisbury, Wiltshire, on 4 March.


Are smartphones and social media taking over?

By: Ben


Getty Images

Nowadays, it seems like any restaurant or social gathering we walk into everyone is looking down at a screen. It seems like interaction (apart from on a phone) is forbidden. Now in no way am I saying that phones are a bad thing, but I feel we should all make an effort to look up once in a while, enjoy a conversation or look at your surroundings.

Is it social media’s fault for making us slaves to our phones? Ironic name isn’t it ‘social’ media, being called social when it is making us the exact opposite. ‘AntiSocial’ media feels more appropriate. Why do we feel a need to be checking it constantly? Social media is turning us all into narcissists obsessed with how we look; well that’s a total generalisation but it has put a pressure on us to look and act a certain way.

But the fault doesn’t just lie to social media, games and texting can be just as addicting. Text messaging continues to increase and doctors are referring to excessive texting as a new addiction. Extreme texting causes a range of problems, from isolation and lack of sleep, to skipping meals and ignoring important daily tasks

How we tackle this issue is the real problem. Smartphones can be as addicting as drugs, alcohol or gambling. Smartphones are addictive, can cause narcissist behaviours and should come with a health warning. Studies by the University of Derby say that 13% of participants were addicted to their phones and the average user spends 3.6 hours a day on their phones. A lot can be done in that amount of time, so why are we spending it on our phones. The majority of participants said their smartphone use caused distraction from many aspects of their lives, including employment, hobbies and studies.

Phones can be a great thing though, from interacting with relatives and friends at a distance to helping with maths homework, but we should make an effort to cut down on how much we use them.



Weak Grip Could Link To a Failing Heart

By: Sam


Scientists at Queen Mary University have found out that the strength of your grip may be determined by the structure and function of your heart. Using this discovery, scientists have asked people to grip a device called a dynamometer for three seconds so they could compare the patients’ grip strength to detailed scans of the patients’ hearts. By using this data from nearly 5,000 people, the scientists found out that the people with a weaker grip have hearts that struggled with pumping blood around the body. They also found out that with stronger grips have hearts that are more able to pump blood around the body.

Coronary heart disease kills 66,000 people each year and most of these deaths are due to heart attacks. Knowing about people who are at risk could save thousands of lives each year. Professor Steffen Petersen who led the research from Queen Mary University said:

“Our study shows that better hand grip strength is associated with having a healthier heart structure and function.

“Hand grip strength is an inexpensive, reproducible and easy to implement measure, and could become an easy way of identifying people at high risk of heart disease and preventing major life-changing events, such as heart attacks.”



American Students Walkout Against Gun Violence

By: Beth and Jenna


Many students across America walked out of class on Wednesday the 14th of March in protest for stricter gun laws. The walkout lasted 17 minutes, each minute representing one life that was lost during the Majority Stoneman Douglas school shootings in Florida. The walkout began at 10am across all of America’s time zones.

Some students involved in the walkout read out the names of those who lost their lives in the attack, some stood in solidarity at empty chairs and balloons were let loose in Colorado. Granada Hills Charter School lay down on the football field creating the hash tag of #enough. Students also rallied against gun violence outside of the White House in Washington DC.

Many celebrities such as Zendaya, Katy Perry, Harry Styles and many others have publicly showed their support for stricter gun laws.

Getty Images

As of last week Florida has changed their gun laws. You now need to be 21 to purchase a firearm in the state of Florida. Before these laws were changed you could buy a firearm at the age of 18.

Although thousands of students gathered to protest, some decided to remain silent and show their support and respect in a different manner. A senior at Lapeer High School in Michigan named Austin Roth was one student who decided not to walk out with his class mates. He said he was “100% supportive” of his peers who decided to march in honour of the victims of gun violence, but he went on to say, “However, I am not supportive of those who use a tragic event to push their political agendas, such as gun control.”

Some schools in Atlanta said they would be taking disciplinary actions against students who walked out.




Trump’s Arming Teachers

By: Eilidh


A mass shooting is when there is a single shooting accident that kills or injures more than four people including the attacker. In 2015 in the US there were 372 mass shootings killing 475 pupils and teachers and injuring 1,870.

In the US there is thought to be around 300 million guns with a third of the population having at least one at their home address. That’s enough guns for every man, woman and child to have one.

On the 21st of February 2018 Donald Trump met with a number of teachers parents and pupil who have been involved in and affected by school shooting attacks. They poured their emotions out and told him their experiences and their losses due to these attacks. After deliberation Trump decided that the solution was to arm the teachers which would lower the fatalities in the incidents. He used the example of the coach, Frank Hall, who ran at an attacker to try and take down the attacker and said “If the coach had a firearm in his locker when he ran at this guy… if he had a firearm he wouldn’t have had to run he would’ve shot and that would have been the end of it.”

President Trump then asked for a showing of hands from people in the room who were for arming teachers and also people who were strongly against the idea. He said “We can understand both sides and certainly it’s controversial,” he then asked for everyone to speak to him of their views. After hearing everyone’s views he then promised to bring up the idea in future to other members of congress.

Nicole Hockley whose six year old son, Dylan, died at Sandy Hook elementary in Newton, Connecticut, spoke against the idea saying “It’s not personally something that I support. Rather than arming them with a firearm, I would rather arm them with the knowledge of how to prevent these acts from happening in the first place,” she told Trump.


Are we able to save the Earth?


By: Andrew

The topic of the environment is constantly discussed and we are reminded on a regular basis that we are damaging the Earth in ways that could prove to be fatal for the human race as well as many other life-forms present on Earth. Scientists and politicians often suggest there are ways to combat this damage done, but have we done too much to reverse climate change and the effect it has had on the Earth?


Firstly, there are many ways that we have damaged our planet. For one, the burning of fossil fuels, which we are going to run out of in the future, releases age-old carbon dioxide into the air, causing climate change which seems to be the most prominent way we have affected the Earth. There is also a giant hole in the ozone layer (a part of Earth’s atmosphere that protects from harsh UV rays) caused by aerosols. Even though it is filling up, the layer is becoming thinner due to the empty space, which will let the sun damage our skin more than it originally did. The amount of litter dropped on the ground, while it doesn’t seem too much of a danger, can drastically affect the environment, as it can affect aquatic life, who confuse plastic for food, and the lives of land animals, as it can start fires, cause vehicle accidents, and also attracts rats and bacteria. There are too many animals that are endangered at present.

Secondly, the ways we are trying to help the environment may be trying to keep the carbon emissions from going up, but they aren’t helping to undo what has already been done to the earth. Using less electricity won’t undo the amount of electricity that has already been used. Using less fossil fuels won’t undo the amount that has already been burned up. Picking up litter won’t undo the damage it has already done.

There is a very high chance we will not be able to save Earth now, with all that we have done to it. But, at least, we can delay the consequences for as long as possible if we all act now, and not just rely on dotted groups of people.




Have YouTube pranks gone too far?

By: Caoimhe


Getty Images

YouTube pranks started off innocent,  but with the increasing demands by viewers for more daring  pranks,  YouTubers  are prepared to go as far as needed to entertain their subscribers. Many YouTubers have been injured or killed in the making of pranks.  Monalisa Perez. a 20 year old women from America  was sentenced to 6 months in prison for shooting her boyfriend  dead. Pedro Ruiz a 22 year old man. Her boyfriend Pedro Ruiz asked Monalisa to fire a gun from 30cm away while he held an encyclopaedia believing it would protect him from the gun shot it did not.

It’s not just physical injury pranks cause, many pranks have mentally scarred the participants. Sam Pepper is a YouTube prankster who pranked Sam Golbach into believing that he was kidnapped and his friend was shot dead in front of him. Sam Pepper stuffed Sam Golbach into a car boot drove him to a rooftop and held a fake fire arm at his friend’s head. Who was also in on the prank . In the moment before Sam pepper pretended to shoot the boy Sam Golbach yells “he’s everything I have”.  Sam Golbach  was crying and sobbing as he believed  his friend was killed right before his eyes. When the prank was over, Sam Pepper and the boy who pretended to die were laughing. Sam Golbach still was in shock at what he had just witnessed.

It’s not just pranks that have gone too far. Some vlogers film inappropriate  content. Logan Paul was visiting a Japanese forest known locally as the suicide forest. The forest was named this because of the high rates of bodies found there that appear to be suicides. While Logan was visiting the forest he and his group came across a man hanging from a tree. Instead of turning the camera off Logan continued to film the group and the body. Logan blurred the man’s face but it was still very disrespectful towards the body. Logan was making comments intending to be funny and his group were laughing and joking about their finding. That angered a lot of people as his viewers age between 10-14 years of age. The video was taken down from YouTube after only a couple hours after upload. However, many people still saw the video. Logan put up an apology video. Logan has continued to post on his channel even though  there was talk about his channel being taken down.

Lots of people believe that YouTube pranks have crossed the line and YouTubers have to be aware that what they post can be offensive or inappropriate.



Are kids playing too much “Fortnite: Battle Royale”?

By: Cosmas

Getty Images

“Fortnite: Battle Royale” is a free multiplayer game that is taking the world by storm, with over 40 million players. In “Fortnite: Battle Royale” the players must fight nearly 100 other players in a gradually closing playing space represented by a purple storm, collecting items and making forts along the way. But should teachers and parents be worried if kids are playing too much, or worried about violence?

First of all, the violence. In “Fortnite” there is no blood or gore effects and the players are cartoon-like, however you can use guns and weapons against the other players. This has caused many worries for parents and teachers who are afraid that children will think that using guns and being violent is acceptable. “Fortnite” is rated a Teen, or a PEGI 12, so most players are mature enough to understand that using guns or violence shouldn’t be copied. If parents are worried they should speak to their kids about how violence is not acceptable and that “Fortnite” is a videogame and shouldn’t be replicated in real life. Despite this, I think that “Fortnite” should be enjoyed with family and friends.

“Fortnite” is a very addictive and stressful game, so being told to stop playing when there are only 10 players left would be frustrating. Parents should set time limits on their children playing “Fortnite” but instead of minutes, they should say, “One more game then you must get off the computer/Xbox/PlayStation,” as a child may get frustrated when told to get off mid-match.

Another issue is the purchase of “V-Bucks” in game. V-Bucks are “Fortnite’s” virtual currency used to buy cosmetics and upgrades. This has led to some incidents where parents are letting their kids spend a lot of money on the game, racking up BIG credit card bills. These purchases are not necessary to play the full game and parental controls can disable these purchases.

In “Fortnite” you can play on your own, in a team of 2 or in a team of 4. The people you team up with are selected by the player so kids can play with their friends. However this means they could be teaming up with strangers. To stop this, the microphone chat can be disabled in Parental Controls to prevent talking to strangers.

Overall “Fortnite: Battle Royale” is a fun free game to play for children and adults. However parents should be aware of time limits and purchases.


School Attendance and Absences

By: Zoe

In England and Wales alone parents have been fined over £24 million for not sending their children to school. Sometimes this can be truancy or simply taking children on holiday during a school term.

Even though in Scotland and Northern Ireland these acts are not fined, there is still a rising statistic of parents taking children on holiday during school term. Eastwood High school, in East Renfrewshire, had a staggering 68% of children absent in the last few days before a holiday, and as of 2017 Scottish schools report over 100,000 children absent in the last day of term.

Councils have become stricter in fines for truancy or holidays during terms, but it can seem to not stop families from taking the fine and going on holiday, as husband and wife Dave and Hanna Brian show.

Dave Brian’s Father passed away and left money for Dave, who then decided to spend it on a holiday to Florida with his wife and three children. Dave claimed that it would be cheaper to go during school term instead of during a holiday.

After returning to the UK, the family was fined £60 for one of their children but Dave said, “I would do it again in an instant if the same opportunity arose.”

According to a BBC investigation, certain councils in England and Wales have been issuing penalties at five times the average rate, like Isle of Wight at 64 penalties per 1,000 pupils for truancy or term-time holidays (the average being 12 per 1,000 during 2016-2017).

Councils that are being stricter on penalties have claimed to only be protecting children’s education. Paul Brading, Isle of Wight’s cabinet member for schools, has stated their high rate of fines is because they want unauthorised absences to be “thoroughly followed through”.



Death of Dog on United Airlines Flight

By: Lauren


A family that was on a United Airlines fight on Monday night are mourning their dog that died on their flight. The company has apologized for the death of the dog – a result of them being kept in an overhead bin, as instructed by a flight attendant who was worried that the carrier would not fit under the passenger’s seat – by releasing a statement that said “We take full responsibility and are deeply sorry for this tragic accident “.

The incident involved a French bull dog that was kept in a small carrier on a flight from Houston to New York. The dog died after being kept in an overhead compartment on a flight that lasted three and a half hours.

Getty Images

The airline also said that the accident should never have occurred as pets should never be placed in the overhead bin.

Though passengers on the plane heard barking while on board, everyone only discovered what had happened after the flight was over.

Other passengers saw the dog being put in the overhead bin but didn’t stop it. One passenger said that they were unsure if animals were supposed to be put up there, but decided that they could have had air conditioning that they didn’t know about.

“At the end of the flight, the woman found her dog, deceased. She sat in the airplane aisle on the floor crying, and all of surrounding passengers were utterly stunned,” said Maggie Gremminger another passenger on the flight.



Are women portrayed different by the media from men?

By: Niamh

Getty Images

March 8th 2018 marked the 43rd official International women’s day.  International women’s day wasn’t officially celebrated by the UN until 1975 despite the fact that on the eve of World War 1 in 1913 Russian women observed their first international women’s day. As a result of this in 1914 Europe held rallies to campaign against the war and to express women’s solidarity. Now we celebrate international women’s day every year, but why did women have to wait so long for their voices to be heard? Are women still being portrayed as lower than men even though women have continuously fought for their rights? The media stereotype women in almost everything we watch read and listen to. It’s time we drew attention to this and called out the media for portraying women inaccurately. Actress Reese Witherspoon spoke out about how she believes women are inaccurately stereotyped in film. “I dread reading scripts that have no women involved in their creation because inevitably I get to that part where the girl turns to the guy, and she says, “What do we do now?!” Do you know any woman in any crisis situation who has absolutely no idea what to do? I mean, don’t they tell people in crisis, even children, “If you’re in trouble, talk to a woman.” It’s ridiculous that a woman wouldn’t know what to do”.

Witherspoon then went on to speak about what happened when she drew attention to this to the people making these kinds of films.

“So, anyway, after going to these studios and telling people about how there’s barely any female leads in films and the industry’s in crisis, people were aghast. “That’s horrible,” they said. And then they changed the subject and moved on with their dinner and moved on with their lives. But I could not change the subject. I couldn’t turn to some man and say, “What do we do now?” This is my life.

Another example of women being portrayed wrongfully was in the Asda 2012 Christmas advert. The advert showed an ‘at home’ mum preparing for Christmas while the dad went to work all day.  Complaints were made as many thought it was offensive and sexist by 620 people. Asda dismissed these complaints saying the advert was “not likely to be seen as condoning or encouraging harmful discriminatory behaviour, or reinforcing negative stereotypes of men or women in general, and, for those reasons, considered it was unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence.”

So when are women going to start being shown in the media for what they are? Equal to men, not below or less than them. Women are not just in movies for their looks or too be sexualised for peoples enjoyment. Women should be equal. In 2016 the distribution in the US of lead actors was 61.8% male and 31.3% female according to . This despite being a large difference is still an improvement. It truly is time for change. Women need to be viewed as just as able to lead in a movie role and be in film without stereotypes.

 Pictures of the Day!!!






By: Mia, Stella and Orla

Would we really count ourselves as sociable? With an estimated 2.67 billion social media users by 2018, surely our generation is the definition of sociable.

Yes, social media lets us communicate with long lost friends and people we’ve met on holidays to Spain. We can do all this with just with the click of a button and some Wi-Fi. Nowadays, we count free Wi-Fi as a characteristic of a good café. So we sit and ‘talk’ to our friends through a screen. But are we really communicating the ‘real way’?

At our school, you sit at a bench and eat your lunch with your friends. But are we really with them? Most people you see at our school during lunch are taking photos of themselves for Instagram or playing Word Cookie.

Do you know what streaks are? Most people over twenty-eight won’t but the majority of people under twenty eight will, and they’ll have loads. Most people with Snapchat will have a streak. Most kids at our school pride themselves upon how big their streaks are. We all do. Streaks are sending someone a black screen on Snapchat. Every single day. A tiny bit unsociable, don’t you think? But people are obsessed with them, including us, and we don’t know why. People laugh at and comment on other people’s streaks. Some say that if you don’t have a large streak then you don’t have a life. But since when did sending black screens everyday become a symbol of having a life?

On Instagram lots of the pupils in our school have around a thousand followers. But we wouldn’t say we have a thousand real life friends so why do we have a thousand followers? Because all our followers aren’t all our real friends, they’re friends of friends of friends. Or that girl who used to work in the Starbucks down the road.

There are some positives to social media. Twenty years ago, you would go to Tenerife and meet a really nice boy. A whirlwind summer romance would flash past. Then you would leave and promise to keep in touch. You never did. But nowadays, you can. You can switch usernames on Instagram, and you can still talk to them, easily and regularly. But is it really the same talking to someone through a screen instead of to their face?

Even given the positive sides of social media, it has still become a self-centred way to communicate.. Social media? More like ‘me media’. Social media is a race. A race where we’re the horses and the prize is…What is the prize? The most followers? The most likes?

Social media is self-obsessed. Instagram is a quarter funny pictures, a quarter satisfying videos and a half selfies. People only post pictures that they think they look good in. When in reality they look completely different in real life. This is because of ‘filters’. These filters change their face shape, fix their eyebrows and smooth their skin. But they also filter their real looks. They show half of themselves the unrealistically pretty, flawless sides. Not the joggies and Netflix side. So are you really showing yourself at all?

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. You have to ask yourself are these apps opening us up, but are they actually shutting us down to the outside world?

Has society sculpted our view of the ideal body image?

By: Annie

The media plays a huge part in determining what is “beautiful” in today’s society, especially for young girls. If they are too fat they are laughed at, too skinny they are called anorexic. This is putting immense pressure on women to constantly look “perfect”. Models and celebrities are photo-shopped way too much. The way images are edited create the “flawless” look most girls seek. These are unrealistic and girls should not feel pressured to live up to these ideals.

Celebrities are in the media’s eye and people want to look like them. One massive influence is Kim Kardashian –  a reality TV star with her hour-glass figure.


Apparently, there are five different body types. We did several interviews asking people of all different shapes and sizes, “Which body type do you think society sculpts girls to have and why?” We asked both girls and boys alike and got a range of different answers. We predicted that most girls and boys would choose 2 and 5. It turned out that most girls chose 1 and most boys chose 2, 4 or 5. The girls said they chose 1 because she looked the most like Kim Kardashian, as she was curvy and had the “perfect” hour-glass shape. One boy we asked did choose 1 and said the reason for this was that he thought that this was the stereotype for girls. Overall not one person chose 3. Some people also said being tall made you more pretty.

Some celebrities have criticised big brands and modelling agencies for photo-shopping them. These celebrities are doing the right thing; communicating to their fans through social media. This has caused people to see that these celebrities are just as human as we are.


Disney Dispute Over First Gay Scene

By: Juliet and Eva

Disney has revealed that the first gay scene shown in Disney’s film history “has not been and will not be cut”.

Beauty and the Beast, Disney’s next upcoming live film, contains a scene involving an openly gay character.

However, there have been disputes primarily in Malaysia and Russia against the scene.

The “exclusively gay moment” includes LeFou, who harbours romantic feelings towards the film’s villain Gaston. LeFou’s emotions are shown in a side-story of the film.

In Malaysia, homosexuality is illegal and punishable. It is also outlawed under religious rules. Gay characters in films are allowed but only if they are shown in an undesirable way, and if they regret their sexuality.

Disney publicised that the release of Beauty and the Beast in Malaysia would be postponed, as the film is to be reviewed.

In Russia, homosexual activity is not illegal but highly frowned upon and young children cannot be exposed to homosexuality, giving the film its 16+ rating in Russian theatres.

Human rights activists were enraged after the 2013 law in Russia labels homosexuality as “non-traditional sexual relations”.

Russia’s Culture Ministry has however approved the release of the new Beauty and the Beast adaptation, although United Russia MP Vitaly Milonov wished to “take measures to totally ban” the movie if “elements of propaganda of homosexuality” are discovered in it.

Malaysia’s Film Censorship Board has also accepted the film, but the gay scene has been cut, giving it a PG13 rating.

The chairman of Malaysia’s Film Censorship Board, Abdul Hamid, spoke to Associated Press and said, “It is only one short scene but it is inappropriate because many children will be watching this movie.”

According the Beauty and the Beast’s director, Bill Condon, the film displays a very short “gay moment”.

The fresh adaptation of the original 1991 animated movie will be released on the 23rd of February in London. The cast consists of British stars Emma Watson as Belle, Dan Stevens as Beast, and Luke Evans as Gaston. American actor Josh Gad portrays LeFou.

Should Self-Defence Be Taught in Schools?

By: Mahdyia and Zubairi

Getty Images

There are different views of what to do in threatening situations. Some people have proposed the idea of self-defence being taught in school. Self-defence is beneficial a variety of ways and could even save lives. For example, self-defence is good exercise and can help students to be assertive while feeling safe in their surroundings.

Self-defence should be taught in the schools. The youth of today are our future and it’s our responsibility to take action. Self-defence keeps you active. It uses martial arts techniques enabling people to defend themselves.

Some people say self-defence should not be taught to young children because they can use it to their advantage in a negative way, but if it’s taught correctly students can use it in a postivie way. Martial arts can build teamwork skills – skills that one day could lead to getting jobs. The training also boosts confidence along with a good frame of mind. Another bonus is the fitness levels which many parents would be in favour for.

An informal school survey was conducted by us of children between the ages of 12-14 year olds and 91% of children said that they feel self-defence should be taught in schools. We need to listen to these children because self-defence could be a matter of life and death.

Shifu Waana is a professional is a self-defence and Wing Tsjun teacher and has 10 years’ experience in street security. She said self-defence should be taught in school because it teaches pupils to “recognise danger and try to get away without violence so it’s an important message”. She believes improvements can be seen in a reasonable amount of time. “The first signs would appear after a few months because then we would get the chance to first make sure they think correctly about self-defence and then obviously to also practice some emergency escape tactics”. Shifu Waana strongly believes that self-defence boosts children’s confidence.

When we asked Waana what she thought about children using these skills in a negative way she replied, “Not if we make sure that they learn how to think about these things and we put an emphasis on safety and respect and making sure they don’t use them in the wrong way”. We asked if she or her students ever needed to use self-defence in a real life circumstance. And sadly the answer is “yes, unfortunately just to get away unharmed…”

Self-defence would be beneficial and would provide an essential life skill, so let’s kick this new skill into schools.



What do babies think of?

By: Hanna and Misbah


Getty Images

Do you ever wonder what goes on inside a baby’s head?

Well scientists are starting to wonder too. They have started researching the thoughts of a baby in the London Baby Lab, part of UCL’s cognitive development research group. The tests are completely safe and can even be fun; the baby will be comfortable and happy throughout the whole test. Parents can even cradle the baby in their arms if it makes them and the baby feel more comfortable.

These tests will help us understand babies. Everyone knows that getting into a baby’s mind is like rolling a 7 on a dice. The scientists know that the key with a baby is to turn everything into a game.

Babies are a lot more intelligent than we thought they were. The point in this experiment is to examine the brains of healthy babies oppose to other babies who might have suffered from a lack of oxygen when they were born because of illnesses.

Babies know a lot more than we think, they have a lot of previous knowledge from when they were born, and they are very practical and mature learners.

Such experiments are changing the way we think about young children’s developments. People say this is helping people to take children more seriously.

Babies don’t randomly engage with the world around them. They have choice, determined by how long the babies stare at one thing over another. The scientists track what holds a baby’s gaze; this has allowed scientists to get a stronger handle on what babies really think. Scientists have also done tests using shapes.

It was once believed that babies didn’t understand difficult concepts like gravity or the fact that objects are solid, but long time studies have said otherwise. Scientists have shown that babies stare longer at a toy car that appears to moving through a solid wall than at actions that don’t betray the law of physics, indicating that they find it strange when these universal rules are broken. This isn’t just limited to human babies.  “There’s evidence now that even newborn chicks can do that, and lots of other animals,” says Schultz, a professor in UCL.

When babies are born they have a high level of common sense which shows they are smart and more sophisticated.

Such experiments are changing the way we think about young children’s developments. People say this is helping people to take children more seriously.

Babies are a lot smarter than we ever thought.



Snoop Dogg VS Donald Trump: The Next Twitter Feud

By: Aribah, Sophie and Maaria

Donald Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday, to share his thoughts on Snoop Dogg’s new “Lavender” music video. In said video, the rapper is shown shooting a fake gun at a clown named ‘Ronald Klump’, which was meant to resemble the US president, Donald Trump.

The clown was dressed in Trump’s iconic blue suit and red tie and was completed with an overly orange fake tan, bleached blonde locks and full clown face paint.

The music video is a remix of a song from a band from Canada, called BadBadNotGood. The song features Kaytranada, a Haitian-Canadian DJ and record producer. The music video has been viewed over 4 million times since it was first uploaded to YouTube on March 12. The video was posted to Snoop Dogg’s VEVO, but has since been removed.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio said the rap star was unwise to pretend to shoot a clown dressed as the US president in the video.

Mr Rubio told TMZ: “If the wrong person sees that and gets the wrong idea, you could have a real problem.

Mr Rubio added: “Snoop shouldn’t have done that. We’ve had presidents assassinated before… so anything like that is something people should be really careful about.”

Donald Trump Tweeted: “Can you imagine what the outcry would be if @SnoopDogg. Failing career and all, had aimed and fired the gun at President Obama? Jail time!”

According to Greg Millam, a US correspondent for Sky News, the secret service are “aware” of Snoop Dogg’s video showing Trump “assassination” but won’t comment further.

Rapper Snoop Dogg first rose to fame in 1993 at the age of 22 with rappers Dr. Dre and Suge Knight.



Working Hard




On Thursday 10th March, a group of S2 pupils spent the day as BBC School Reporters.

They planned, researched, wrote and filmed a range of stories on the breaking news of the day and the topics that they care about. Enjoy their stories below.



Social Media’s Role in Society

by Charlotte and Kirsten

Social media is influencing young girls and boys, causing many to have eating disorders and problems with News Makeupmental health

Body image is the way that teens see themselves; a positive body image is when you look in the mirror you are happy with yourself and accept your “flaws”. A negative body image, however, is when you look in the mirror and wish to look different. Many teens feel this way, and it is mostly down to social media. We did a survey with second years from our school and 75% of them said that social media influenced them and only 19% said that their friends influenced them. This shows that teens are influenced by people they don’t even know, including the likes of Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid. These “celebrities” are known for their “perfect bodies”. Looking at images of these people may cause teens to become jealous and develop eating disorders or mental health issues like depression and may even cause self-harming.

An S2 pupil says that looking at “celebrities” online makes her feel jealous but also sad because she believes that   these people have perfect bodies and that she should aspire to look like them. She also said she feels pressured to buy the products these people advertise, like detox tea and waist trainers. Although she knows herself that she should love her body, sometimes society gets in the way.

SnapchatMakeup is also a big problem. Although many girls and boys wear makeup for fun and to be able to express themselves many wear it to conceal their flaws, like spots and scars. Makeup can cost lots of money and it is hard for parents to keep up with the demands of new trends but without these trends teens can feel left out or even go to extremes to get the perfect face. Social networking sites like Instagram and Snapchat use filters to help people achieve the “perfect” look. This makes the person using the filter look far different to what they look like in real life. Many teens believe that these unrealistic photos are what they should aim look like. Teens can be made fun of on these sites very easily and these comments can really affect their self-esteem.

Society should be teaching girls and boys all over the world to love themselves for who they are and that it doesn’t matter whatever body shape they are.

Warning: Snapchat images can be edited


Producer of ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Dies at 80 Years Old

by Cait


Springing into Action with this Year’s Concert

by Canbright

Spring ConcertThe school holds many concerts at different times in the year. They include a wide variety of acts including the school’s choirs, bands and ensembles. This year the spring concert is on Wednesday 23rd March at 7pm in The Street with tickets costing £4 for adults and £2 for concessions.

At this time of year the exams are going on and it’s a really tense time for those who are in S4, S5, and S6 and also for the teachers organising this wonderful night of entertainment.

A teacher organising the event told me his favourite part was the day right before the performance as that’s when everything falls into place. Another added that it is when the show is going on as that’s when your work is paid off and it’s worth it.

Since last year was a very successful event this year has a lot to live up to.


The Effects of Climate Change

by Cameron


Scientists use stem cells to restore sight to infants with congenital cataracts

by Ben and Robbie

Ben's EyeA scientific breakthrough appeared in the news on the 9th of March 2016 as scientists at the University of California, San Diego used stem cells to restore sight into the eyes of 12 infants who have cataracts.

A cataract is formed by a clouding in the lens of an eye. This can cause blurry vision, trouble with bright lights, short sightedness and, if not treated, blindness.  The scientists did this by removing the damaged lens and then ‘coaxed’ the nearby cells to give the children the ability to see.

Stem cells are unspecialised cells (meaning they don’t have a specific role in the functioning of the body) that can change into specialised cells for specific jobs. They can also divide to create more cells. There are two types of cells: embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. The embryonic stem cells are taken from inside blastocysts (which are early stage embryos) and adult cells are found in skin and muscle tissue.

An RMPS teacher at our school told us that she thinks that how we get them could be a moral issue. She said that some of the arguments that support the use of the treatment are the fact that an embryo’s stem cell has more potential than any other cell. Stem cell research could help cure hundreds of other illnesses and diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

She also mentioned the arguments against the treatment. She mentioned how some people consider an embryo a life, even during its early stages. And if you ‘kill’ the embryo, you will be stopping an embryo from living a life outside the womb.

If stem cell use continues to be successful, then doctors and scientists could develop this treatment far into the future.


“Second Dad” to Paul McCartney has passed away

by Maham

George MartinSir Henry George Martin the music producer for The Beatles sadly passed away on Tuesday 8th March 2016.

Martin became an assistant in 1950 at Parlophone Records. In the mid-1950s he started looking for rock bands.

In 1962 the manager of The Beatles brought Martin a demo of them. Once Martin heard them he actually liked what he was hearing so he gave them an audition. All of the Beatles got through except Pete Best so they replaced him with Ringo Starr.

With Martin as their producer The Beatles became Britain’s biggest band of all time. He didn’t just work with the Beatles he worked with other very talented singers.

Martin was only 90 and died in his sleep.  Paul McCartney said Martin was like a “second dad” to him and he will always be remembered by everyone.


Divers Attempt to Create New World Record for Charity

by Cameron

DiverA group of 10 Scottish swimmers are attempting to create a new world record by swimming a length without taking a breath and then repeating it until the length of the English Channel is reached.

They are trying to raise £2,000 at the event on Saturday for the St Abbs Lifeboat that has been run by volunteers and has not got much funding

They have been training by swimming laps of the swimming pool underwater.

William Nicol (a member of the group) has said:  “We’ll have 10 divers in the pool at any one time and there will be four in support outside the water, including a trained paramedic, who can take over when someone needs a breather. We don’t think this has ever been done before.”


The Weather from Williamwood

by Cait



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