Rotational Motion and Astrophysics

Rotational Motion and Astrophysics candidate resources:


Class PowerPoint’s:

1. Derivation of Kinematic Relationships

2. Graphs of Motion

3. Angular Displacement and Radians

4. Angular Velocity (Activity 1)

5. Uniform Motion in a Circle

6. Angular Acceleration

7. Radial Acceleration Derivation

8a. Central Forces and Radial Accelerations

8b. Central Forces – Question Types

9a. Central Forces Experiment white background

9b) Central Forces Experiment Tables

9b) Central Forces Results and Uncertainties table

10. Moment of a Force, Torque

11. Moment of Inertia

12a. Torque and Angular Acceleration (Activity 4)

12b. Experiment – Variation of Angular Acceleration with Torque

12c. Torque And Angular Acceleration Results

13a. Angular Momentum (Activity 5)

13b. Angular Momentum Experiment

14. Rotational Kinetic Energy

15. Newton’s Law of Gravitation

16. Gravitational Fields

17. Gravitational Potential and GPE

18. Escape Velocity

19. Satellites in Orbit

20. Spacetime Diagrams

21. General Relativity – The Equivalence Principle

22. Black Holes

23. PP Chain diagram

23. Properties of Stars 

24. Hertzsprung-Russell Diagrams and Stellar Evolution



Robert Gordon notes, problems and solutions for:

Rotational Motion

AH Rotational Motion Summary Notes and Problems

AH Rotational Motion Tutorial Solutions


AH Astrophysics Summary Notes and Problems

AH Astrophysics Tutorial Solutions


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