Quanta and Waves

Quanta and Waves candidate resources:


Class PowerPoint’s:

1. Quantum Theory

2 Wave-Particle Duality

3. Bohr Model and Quantum Mechanics

4. The Uncertainty Principle

5. Particles from Space

6. Simple Harmonic Motion

7. Solutions for Equations and Energy Equations for SHM

8. Damping

9. Wave Motion

10. Sine or Cosine Waves

11. Travelling Waves

12. Phase Difference

13. Stationary Waves

14. Coherence

15. Optical Path Difference

16. Phase Change on Reflection

17. Thin Wedges

18. Non-Reflecting Lenses

19. Division of Wavefront

20. Polarisation

21. Polarisation by Reflection



Robert Gordon notes, problems and solutions for:


AH Waves Summary Notes and Problems

AH Waves Tutorial Solutions


AH Quanta Summary Notes and Problems

AH Quanta Tutorial Solutions 

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