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~~Rhyme of the Week~~

Our rhyme of the week is The Big Brown Bear.

This song is a  circle time game. Children can clap along to the beat.

The big brown bear loves honey sweet,

For him it is a special treat.

He has eaten such a lot.

Its time to take the honey pot.


****Problem Solving and Discovery****

We had great fun discovering the potential of slime!

“We put food colouring in it and glue and water and then it turned into slime but the pink one didn’t work so we had to start again.”

“I skipped it, it went really long”  (It stretched so long we could actually skip with it!)

“I twirl it”


We have been experimenting with the trajectory of water.

Early physics!

**** Busy Little Gardeners****

After the Summer our garden is overgrown with weeds!  We could hardly see our herbs and flowers. So we set to work with gardening tools and gloves, taking out all the weeds. Those dock leaves and dandelions have grown tall and have very deep roots! If you have any spare time, we would be delighted if you could help.