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Dear Parents and Carers,

Busby Nursery’s blog is moving. We now have a new nursery website which gives you a range of information, including the weekly lunch menus. This also includes our blog and you can find all the latest photos and details of the children’s learning there.

Feel free to browse this old blog for any historical photos and information, but all the new and latest will be on our new website at this link:



September Learning Adventures

Interactive Storytelling
Inviting children to take part in a story increases their engagement and stimulates their imaginations. It also leads to retellings, which further increases understanding and language development.

The Tiger who came to Tea: Here the children participated in the Tiger’s tea party as the story was read to them. They were excited to make their own props and recreate the story themselves.

Through Commotion in the Ocean, the children were inspired to draw many ocean scenes and to create their own puppets, which they then used to take on roles in the storytelling.

Different Ways to Sort
In Numeracy we have been focusing on sorting and matching. Here are a few different ways the children have tried sorting, matching and categorising:

Sorting by length

Sorting superheroes & Matching 3D shapes to their outlines

 Matching dots to written numerals

Sorting by colour & Matching pieces
At home you could now try asking your child to sort out the cutlery or their sock drawer…
The children have been cool with tools and concentrating hard, as they learn how to  use a hammer and nails
safely, and create wooden hedgehogs and other creatures.


From Little Acorns…
We’ve been looking at autumn treasures in a Treasure Box and talking about the changes that happen outside in Autumn.
The children have identified acorns, conkers and pine cones and have been learning how trees shed their seeds at this time of year. They know that “Squirrels eat acorns”, but we also thought about what would happen to the acorns that squirrel forgot.. We looked at a tiny plant grown from an acorn, and together we planted this tiny oak tree in the Eco Garden and watered it.

Maybe one day it will grow into a Great Oak…

Construction and Ice Creations

Creative Skills in Construction Corner
The children have been spending lots of time in Construction Corner, trying out different types of material, like bricks, wood, bamboo and crates, to design and build their own structures.

Science Investigations: Making Ice Eggs
At the water table one day, the children were role playing together and inventing pretend ice. So later they were invited to try making some real ice to play with. They carefully filled up balloons with water and took them to the freezer. They were very excited to handle and describe their giant ice eggs.

“It’s so shiny…”   “It looks like a diamond inside.”  “It’s going to hatch!”
Indoors the ice balls were taking a long time to melt, so the children eagerly tried taking them outdoors into the sunshine and then tested out pouring on warm water to speed up the process.

“It’s melting now…”

Imagination Stations

Great creativity and imagination have been flourishing in Busby Nursery, in artwork, literacy and small world play.
After reading “The Very Hungry Worry Monsters” by Greening Rosie, several of the children were inspired to depict Worry Monsters in their own way. Some chose to use the whiteboard, others chose pens and paper, and others independently constructed models using tissue paper and tape.

Outdoor Art on a big canvas has also been a very popular choice, with the children using their gross motor skills to paint.

Later on, some recycled old packaging provided a great canvas for the children to paint on. They mixed up their own powder paints, then used brushes on sticks to create their giant floor painting.

Creative with Clay: the children experimented with clay, water and different tools. They showed great concentration to mould, shape, and decorate. They also mixed some impromptu clay paint and used it to make handprints…

“I made a little pot with shells on it.”
“I’m making a dinosaur!”
“It feels squelchy…”

Sensory World in a Tuff Tray

“The giant lives in the sunflower. We can put this stone here for a door.”
“I’m making snow with this chalk.”
“This is the bog and the hippo’s eating the mud.”
“It feels all squelchy. It’s like chocolate.”
“This feels so soft.”

Adventures in a Tepee

Den building, design, problem-solving and imaginative play:
“We can make a garden for it. We can use this for a fence.”
“I can put the pegs back on. It goes here.”

Chilling and making sweet music together…

Where things Grow…

After digging up the potatoes from our nursery garden recently, the children were interested to touch, smell and dissect other kinds of vegetables and fruit, and we talked about where they grow and what they are used for.

“It’s a potato!”
“That’s a sweet potato… It’s orange inside.”
“They grow on a plant…”
“Under the ground.”
“Apples on a tree.”
We also spotted some ripe plums growing on a tree in our new nursery garden.

The children suggested shaking the tree to get the plums at the very top…. and it worked!

We then dissected the fruit and veg to investigate inside, and smelt the lemons, oranges and onions. The plums tasted great!
“That’s a seed inside.”
“It has a stone (plum)”.

Later some children made fantastic fruit/veg people and creatures, using old fruit, potatoes, cocktail sticks, pens, buttons, felt, pipe cleaners and wool. They showed great concentration and fine motor skills whilst creating their own characters, and gave them names.

“He’s called Stumpy. Can I take him home? I put eyes and a face on.”
”Look, I’ve made a spider.”
“This is Lemon Shark!”

A Warm Welcome

We hope you all had happy holidays and enjoyed the good summer weather we’ve had.  A very warm welcome to all new children starting at Busby Nursery and their families. And a big welcome back to all our returning children too. ☀️

You will notice a few differences! You might be exploring new areas of the building and outdoors, plus you will all be offered a delicious two-course hot lunch, which is freshly prepared in our nursery kitchen each day. Morning fruit snack will also still be provided as usual
Dining out at Busby: pasta with garlic bread and vegetables today!

Fresh omelette with  diced potato and tossed salad

You can view the daily lunch menu on our new website. This website also provides lots of other useful information, including photos and links to learning ideas you can try at home. You can access it through the school website or through this link:
Busby Nursery Website https://sites.google.com/er.glow.scot/busbynursery/home

The children have been having great fun exploring, investigating and meeting up with friends, old and new:

One Potato, Two Potato….
After the summer holidays, we found that some vegetables we had planted in our garden had grown. Our tomatoes are still green but the potatoes were ready to dig up.

We washed them all….
then cooked some and tried them at Snack Time.  Mmmm….






Moving On Up…

Here are photos of our fabulous pre-school children receiving their school tie and graduation certificate this June. Congratulations!
We will miss you very much and we wish you all a wonderful time in Primary 1 and a very happy future.
We proudly present the Busby Nursery Class of 2021:

Pink Group

Yellow Group


Red Group


Green Group


Blue Group

Purple Group

We also say a most fond farewell to nursery staff members,
Miss Hampton, Miss Lawson and Mrs McCarron, who are all moving on too. We are so grateful for all they have done for Busby Nursery and we will miss them very much.


Bugs Glorious Bugs

There has been much excitement among all the nursery groups over looking at various live insects and mini-beasts these past weeks. The children have shown a huge interest in learning about them and caring for them:
– On trips to Busby church gardens we have found wood lice, worms, millipedes, slugs and beetles under damp logs and studied them with magnifiers. We looked up more about them in books too.

– In our nursery garden the children have prepared their Bug Hotel and have been excited to observe a few visitors, like spiders.

Spider books and spider crafts: “What’s this one called?”

– The children have also been studying four snails in the outdoor classroom. We found that snails love to eat basil and that they each have four antennae, two for seeing, and two for smelling and feeling.

The children were fascinated to watch the snails come out of their shells and observe how they move and eat, and the trails they leave. They gave the snails names too.
“This one is called Rainbow Drop.”
“This is Daisy.”
“Let’s feed them. They like to eat this”

“Look, they’re kissing!”
“They have slime under them.”

– And we have also all been following the journey of our nursery caterpillars with great excitement:

The children watched them journey through their life cycle, turning from caterpillars to chrysalides and then last week to beautiful tortoiseshell butterflies.

They were so excited to release our butterflies into the wild. Suggestions for names of the butterflies were also very interesting.  Toby, Neeva and Pixie were a few of the favourites.
It’s been so good to watch the children loving and appreciating nature.

Fishy Letters

The children have been loving fishing for letters using magnetic rods, and were delighted to find letters they know.
Look I found a M for my Mum.”
“I found a T for my name.”
“That’s a S for snake.”
“Look , it picked up this coin too!”

They also wanted to make more rods and design their own fish using painting, printing and collage, adding their initial letter on the back and a paper clip to attract the magnet.

Green Fingers

The children have been busy working  with staff doing all kinds of Planting and Growing. We have created a Herb Garden and an outdoor and indoor Vegetable Garden, which are all thriving.
Take a look at this poster in our front window to find out more!

The children have grown Grassheads (“We cut their hair with scissors ‘cos it was growing too long”), and have planted rosemary, basil, radishes, carrots, courgettes, peas, tomatoes, spring onions, potatoes and runner beans, plus marigolds and bluebells for butterflies. They have been excited to watch the plants grow and have been watering and measuring them.
“We need sun, water and soil.”
“Butterflies like marigolds.”
“We looked after them.”

See how they’ve grown…



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