We were listening to the story “Little Moon”   about a moon that was lost in space.

After reading the story we drew pictures of our own planets and helped little moon to travel around the solar system to find his home, Earth.

We love singing along to the planets song and learning lots of cool facts!

click on the link below to listen at home:


The children worked together to create the surface of the moon. Lots of gluing, cutting and sticking to develop our fine motor skills.

We also made some rockets and astronauts for our tuff tray.

Our finished product! We enjoyed using our moon for role play and story telling.

Heart Bakers

“I’ve never used a spatula before!” “A heart means you love your family.”

“I’m going to make 3 love hearts from the one dough.”
“Its a bit runny.”


“Can you do pink around it? Its like painting.”

Squeezing Icing helps Early Writing!

“A heart means you love your family.”

– sharing, comparing, naming the colours, counting, feeling, describing, what are they made of?

“I pick this one with the silver curls. I like the swirls and curls and lines and the dots.”
“Who wants this one? Its beautiful.” “Feel this one. It feels like a teddy.”
“This is number ten.”
“I love all the colours – yellow, blue, red, pink, green and purple.”

“This one’s made out of paper and this one’s made out of wool.”
”These are the same kind. Is this pink glitter?”
“I like this one. What is it made out of?… That’s wood, and that’s paper.”
”There’s a heart inside you – that’s the one you’re talking about…”




Number Twister

This morning we were playing Number Twister with the dice.  We were recognising, matching and identifying numbers as well as counting and recognising the number of dots on the dice faces (subitising).

We extended the game by finding foam numbers and matching them to our mat.  You can also see here X was counting on her fingers.  It was a lot of fun exploring numbers today.

The Year of the Rat

We have been celebrating and learning about Chinese New Year in lots of different ways:
Acting out the story of the Great Race;
Taking part in a Chinese Dragon Parade;
Tasting noodles, stir-fried vegetables & prawn crackers;
Making paper dragons, lanterns, dragon frieze and lucky red envelopes;
Hearing all about Chinese New Year from Ivy’s Mum

Gong Xi Fa Cai !

Colourful Rice: pouring, measuring, sensory & imaginary & play
Team effort: many hands worked hard on our Chinese dragon frieze – drawing, printing, cutting, sticking, colouring


Dragon Parade

A feast of Chinese foods
The Animal Swimming Race Story 

Imagine that…

The nursery children have been busy in imaginary worlds of dinosaurs, fairies and robots:
“Look, come and see – someone lives behind this door…. It’s a spider!”
“Tinkerbell lives there.”
“Look, I found these magic beans. If I plant them they will grow into a beanstalk.”
“The dinosaurs can make footprints in the sand.”
“That one’s triceratops, that’s tyrannosaurus.”
“We need to make buttons for the robot.”


Two old bin boxes become great “robots”.

“Dinosaurs eat meat. Some live in the water, some can fly.”

Celebrating Scottish Culture

During Scottish Literacy & Burns week, we have been busy in the nursery exploring different aspects of Scottish culture:
We are learning about Robert Burns and his life;
We’ve been dancing to Scottish music in gym and the playrooms;
We are cooking and sampling porridge, haggis, neeps and other Scottish foods.
The children have loved learning to sing “Three Craws sat upon a Wall”, making their own crow masks and spotting “craws” on the school roof.

Our wee ceilidh

One craw
Porridge with a choice of jam, honey, bananas and blueberries

Making tartan designs

Yum! Oats make us strong.

Having A Wild Time

Exploring in Busby Church Gardens


Balloon chasing

Under the log we found wood louse, a centipede, slugs and slugs eggs…

“I want to hold the slugs eggs.”

We had a Wild Time in Busby Church Gardens:
– looking for birds and bugs, and ticking them off on our charts
– making “nests” and a “camp fire” with twigs and stones
– experimenting with balloons in the wind
– running free!

Making our Mark

In Skills Academy today, some of the children read the book, “The Dot” by Peter Reynolds. They then tried guessing which household utensils created which marks… and then experimented at making their own marks in many very original ways.

“I think the fork made that mark…”
“That one was the sponge.”
“I think this brush did that one.”
“Look we can use this lid to make a dot.”
“I’m going to try that one. It’s for scraping car windows.”
“If you press the straw here, it makes a line.”
“I like using the toothbrush.”

We all signed our work.


Spicing it Up

This week the children spent a long time experimenting in our
Spices Kitchen – smelling, mixing, pouring and describing as they made some very interesting potions, recipes and concoctions…

Some comments from our Young Cooks & Scientists:
“We’re mixing a new potion. Come on, let’s see what colour it makes. Potion No.1 & Potion No.2…”
“What happens when you put this in?… It’s turning yellow… now it’s turned orange.”
“How about this? This is going to be the spiciest one ever!”
“Smell ours, it’s the tastiest.”
“Now we’ve made soup…. and spicy potatoes. They smell yummy!”
“Smell the rosemary. I like that.”
“Look at our porridge. Let’s smell it. I like to put cinnamon in my porridge.”
“They turn squooshy in the water (oats)…
not crunchy.”

If anyone in the family has old/out-of-date spices not needed, please feel free to donate them for further experiments!

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