S6 St Ninian’s Pupils Go Off the Beatson Track

Well done to the following pupils who completed the ‘Off the Beatson Track’ charity walk on Sunday 27 August.

It was a lovely day for pupils and staff who took in the sights of the West End along the 6.74 mile walk.  By entering pupils raised over £400 for the Beatson Cancer Charity.

Hannah Adair (6a4), Rachel Adair (6a6), Anna Gallagher (6a4), Hannah O’Donnell (6a1), Chloe Coyles (6a9), Sophie Grant (6a9), Vivien McAinsh (6a10), Emma McAinsh (6a9), Graham Curley (6a5), Ronan Fox (6a5), Stephen Shaw (6a1), Eve McAuley (6a5), Fyfe Daly (6a6), Katie Baxter (6a9), Luke Halpin (6a5), Lucy Holmes (6a4), Eva Marie Curran (6a4), Romy Edgar (6a7), Caitlyn Martin (6a7), Katrin McNee (6a6), Michael Lawless (6a1) and Niamh Docherty (6a4)