P5a March Blog


As part of STEM week we had a visit from BAM. We learned about the jobs of Civil Engineers and worked in two teams to build a bridge that we would be able to walk over.

Marcus said: “I liked screwing in the different parts of the bridge”. 

Rachel said: “I loved walking across it. It was really strong”. 

Louise said: “I liked connecting all of the cables together”. 

Emma said: “I liked when Miss Convery had to test if it was strong enough and walk over it first”. 

Thank you to everyone who came in to speak to us during STEM week – we loved hearing about the wide variety of jobs in engineering and the different workshops inspired many engineers of the future.


This week we have been focusing on Area and Perimeter. We worked in teams to create robots with each part of the robot a different area and perimeter.

Special Achievements:

Well done to these talented girls who all did amazingly well in the Eco competition. Rachel came in 1st place with the winning poster! Alice, Dana, Poppy and Rebekah were Runners Up. Nice work 🙂

The House Certificate for March was awarded to Marcus for his excellent effort and attitude! Well Done Marcus.

Hope everybody enjoys the holiday! 5A are looking forward to a well deserved rest!

P5d become Engineers for the afternoon

What a treat P5 had today! Two very kind engineers came and helped us build a bridge.  We worked as a team to figure out the quickest and safest way to build the bridge, walk over it and then dismantle it again.

Thank you very much for an amazing, hands on experience.


P5d Class Trip to Stirling Castle

Yesterday we went on our class trip to Stirling Castle.  What a magnificent day we had! When we arrived we were met by a very helpful tour guide who told us what our day was going to be like.

We then had some free time to roam around and explore the beautiful, historical castle.  We visited the Grand hall, the kitchens, the fabulous gardens, the stunning views and walls.  We also explored the King’s old building and the Palace.  We got to watch a short video of Stirling Castle’s history.

By this time, we were pretty hungry! We had our packed lunch picnic outside in the gardens and thankfully it didn’t rain.

In the afternoon, we had a very special guided tour with a costumed character.  He brought us back to the 1300’s and we travelled through history with him. He was very exciting and we really enjoyed this part.

“I liked when we went on the guided tour.  It was really cool to see how the weapons were built and he also told us how many times Stirling Castle was knocked down.” Lucas

“I liked the classroom because of all the drama that happened there.  He showed us some weapons and some volunteers got to recreate what happened for us.” Emaan 

“I liked hearing about all of the defenses of the castle.  I liked to know how they used to protect the castle with the drawbridge, towers, fences and all of the other ways of keeping people out.” Vincent 

“My favourite part was the movie because it showed us about Stirling Castle and all of the old sculptures and statues.  After the video, we went out to look at the statues.” Khayrah

“I loved feeling how heavy the chain mail armor was because it showed us how strong and fit and soldiers in the wars of independence must have been.” Matthew

“I liked when he told us about the dungeons.  People that tried to get into the castle were thrown in the dungeons and forgotten about.” Mirin 

“He told us that they used to eat their food off of plates made out of bread.  I thought that was an interesting, funny fact.” Daniel E

“My favourite part was meeting the solider.  He told us what happened people if they tried to attack Stirling Castle and he showed us lots of weapons.” Maya

“I liked the bit when he told us some of the old jobs people used to do around the castle.  I liked the carpenter job because we saw the roof and floors that they used to work on.” Brodie

“I liked hearing about the kinds of foods they used to eat. They used to eat fish, chicken, lamb, vegetables and baked a lot of bread.” Shay

“I liked when we got to wander about and read all of the different bits of information and facts that were around the castle.  I read some facts about coins they used to use.” Cara

“I liked looking in the Palace play area with all the different little rooms.  There were musical instruments, costumes and games rooms.” Ethan

“I liked going into the great kitchens because it showed you what actually happened in the old days. There were statues of people baking bread in the big old fires.  There were lots of food on big tables too.” Daouia

“The gift shop had lots of different toys, sweets and souvenirs of Stirling Castle.” George

What an amazing day we had! We were all very tired coming home. Well done P5d! You learned a lot and had a really great day 🙂


Primary 5A have been busy!

World Religions Presentations:

Have a look below at some of the fantastic range of activities which pupils produced and presented to the class as part of our World Religions Topic in RE. Some of us created posters or boards, others worked with a partner to present, some of us made powerpoints and others even made models! So impressive 5A – thanks for all your hard work 🙂


Stirling Castle: 

What an amazing day we had at Stirling Castle today! We started off with a guided tour and then got a chance to explore the castle in the afternoon! Have a look at what we got up to below! A day that we won’t forget for a long time!



What a busy week in P5d!

Primary 5d have been very busy this week. They were out to impress with lots of active learning. See what fun they got up to.

Maths & Problem Solving: 

We had lots of fun using concrete materials to revisit our learning about equivalent fractions.  We used pro bots to follow and create directions to enhance our learning about compass points and angles.

“I enjoyed using the pro bots because it was challenging to get the hang of them but that was fun.  It helped us make shapes, straight lines and follow directions.” Lyle 

We got very creative and came up with three different strategies to solve a problem. We chose to draw it out, use concrete materials and to use the interactive whiteboard. After we had tested these strategies out we reflected on which strategy we thought worked the best and why.

I thought that drawing it out was the best strategy because you could rub it out and try again if you had done something wrong.” Lucy A 

I thought the concrete materials was the best way because you could stick them together and also I could see and touch them to know if I had the right combination or not.” Ethan 



We have been learning about types of forces. This week we explored and investigated what air resistance is.  We did three different activities to help us investigate the factors that affect air resistance

Movie Makers:

We have been working in groups to write, plan and film a drama scenario.  We chose a HWB topic that we have learned about and used that to help us create some super drama performances.  Watch this space for the videos 🙂  

Well done P5d, you have been working very hard.  Keep up the great work.  🙂

5A Numeracy/ Outdoor Learning


This morning 5A took their learning outdoors! Some of us were using our knowledge of time to complete a treasure hunt!

Ruari said: “We had to find the different questions around the playground and we had to answer the time question correctly and then crack the code!”

Alice said “I enjoyed trying to crack the code! There were some tricky questions but I still managed to find the correct code!”

Some of us were using what we have been learning about Angles and Direction and creating numbers and pictures with different materials and marking the angles with cubes!

Timothy said: “I liked the task to create a picture and mark the angles. We created a house and then a monster and used cubes to show acute, obtuse, right, straight and reflex angles.”

Some of us were using chalk and natural materials to show different fractions! Conor said: “I liked doing active fraction work. I drew shapes with chalk and then  put natural materials inside different parts to show the fraction.”

Well Done 5A! 👍

P5 sport their Brownies & Cubs uniforms

Primary 5 enjoyed wearing their Brownies and Cubs uniforms today.


“What I like about Cubs is we are allowed to do games and also do some challenges.  Sometimes we go to places cutting thorns and other outdoor activities. I love being part of Cubs because we learn really important life skills.” Marcus

“I like Brownies because we get lots of badges if we complete certain activities. Some of my friends from school go too and I like seeing them outside of school.  My favourite part about the club is the arts and crafts.” Louise



“I like playing games with all my Brownie friends.  I love clock in the tower because sometimes if no one has a partner they can go into the middle.  My favourite part of Brownies was doing the Halloween challenges.” Scarlett

“I like going to cubs because we do fun activities like jumping over ropes and things like that. Sometimes we do a jumble sale and the cubs post leaflets around about it.  We sell things like old games consoles and things like that.” Ethan



“I like going to cubs because we do activities that we wouldn’t do anywhere else. I like playing diamond football and the port and starboard game.” Paul

“I like being a part of the Brownies club because we have a lot of fun. We do arts and crafts. I also like drawing.” April



“I like Cubs because we play fun games and activities.  We play games in the park. I like rounders and football.” Lucas

“I love Brownies because we get to do arts and crafts.  At Christmas we made elves and sewed them. We also get to play games.” Isla





You looked great Primary 5! Well done 🙂

P5d – Scottish Art Outdoors!

Last week, in the outdoor classroom, we were collecting natural materials to create pictures.

We worked in teams of four and we got to choose a picture to create.  We talked about what we had learned in our Scottish History topic and in our groups, we decided what picture to make.

“We decided to make a highland cow because it is one of Scotland’s most famous animals.” Daouia  “We used grass, stones and bark. We used grass for the inside because it looked a bit like hair.” Maya    “I liked doing this because it was fun and we got to pick our own group members.” Cloda 


“We wanted to make Nessy the Lochness monster because it is one of Scotland’s most famous creatures. We thought it looked great at the end because we added in a tail and finns.  We also used stones and bark to put a Scottish flag in the middle.” Finn, Joseph, Daniel and Lyle 

“We wanted to make a Scottish flag because it is quite important in history.” Matthew   “We collected bark, grass, stones and sticks and made our flags using these materials.” Brodie  “At the beginning we just used sticks and stones but it didn’t look that good so we decided to get bark to try and make it look better.” Ethan 

Well done P5d.  You worked very hard, in your teams, to create Scottish images.