P5a Healthy Snack

As part of our Health and Wellbeing studies, we have been looking at the Healthy Eating Plate and discussing ways in which we can keep our body healthy.

We decided as a whole class to create our own healthy snack recipe using ingredients from the Healthy Eating Plate. We used fresh fruit, honey, natural yoghurt and some ice to make a delicious and nutritious Fruit Slushie!

P5a Chinese New Year

Primary 5a have been learning Mandarin as part of our Modern Language studies. We have been practising some basic greetings and conversation as well as learning more about the Chinese culture.

In order to celebrate Chinese New Year, Primary 5a created some Chinese Dragon symbols using craft materials.

Our Mandarin teacher was very impressed with our knowledge and understanding of the Chinese New Year celebrations!                                  

Communication Project

For pupils who struggle to share their emotions they can press the colour light that displays how they are feeling.
This bear allows toddlers to contact mum and dad in the morning from their room.

The yes no machine lets people who cannot speak answer yes or no questions by simply pressing  a button.

5c have been learning how animals communicate through sound, sight, body language and electrical impulses. As part of their learning the pupils have invented and created prototypes of communication devices that can be used for a variety of reasons.